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Raven's POV

Robin was sick and I wasn't up for cleaning. He isn't sick often. Im having a feeling this is the first time we have ever had to care for him like this. Im not saying I'm at all happy I have to babysit a teenage boy who leads us in fight daily, actually I'm pissed, but it isn't the worst. I kept thinking that as I near the cabinets. I fish out different meds and cloths, water, food, and other essential crap we need to make Robin annoying again. I make my way back to Robin's room when I here BB and Cyborg complaining too.
"Guys. At least you aren't putting diapers on him." I scowl remembering the time I had to do such because a super villain was stupid and changed them all into babies.
"Rae Rae! Dont worry we are great maids!" BB calls down the hall with an annoying high pitch squeal. Starfire rushes out if the room bright red.


I had just done the kissing to Friend Robin! Was he still the Friend or did it change because if the kissing I did.
"I did the kissing!" I did a smiling face to Friend Raven.
"That's cool." She rolled the eyes she has. "Be careful not to get sick too, I am not a nurse." She walks past me into Friend Robins Room Space. I carefully go back in as Friend Raven is using her powers to do the cleaning of the messy space.
"Yay! to the Friend Raven!"
"Uhuh. sure." She looked of the annoyed. I did the smiling and sat next to Friend Robin on the bed.
"Don't get sick!" friend Raven did whining.

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