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The hallways were beginning to attract much attention. The two boys addicted to their video games, stood quickly to their feet. 

"Something's up, dude." Beastboy said looking around clearly showing signs of suspicion. Cyborg furrowed his brow.

"Bro, let's go see what happened this time." Both shared a laugh and began their journey down the now messy halls.

"Yo!" They hollered, confident nothing bad had even happened.

Raven's thin figure radiated with anger as she stood cloaked directly ahead of the two.

"He did something horrible." Raven stated, the boys shivered at her icy tone.

"Ah man!" Beastboy whined. "He plugged the toilet again?!" He frowned and ran his fingers through his messy green locks.

"No Beastboy," Raven grumbled, rolling her dark eyes. "He hurt Starfire." She turned away, clearly at the end of her patience with the two immature superheros.

"Guys. She is in the Recovery Room right now. I brought them both there." Raven began to leave.

"Hey wait!" Beastboy held out his hand to meet Raven's covered shoulder.

"How did this happen?"

Raven looked annoyed and turned to face the young, green boy.

"All I know is that Robin stabbed Starfire and told her he didn't love her." Raven's eyes glistened. "He was manipulated. But that doesn't give that stupid boy the right." Beastboy gave a little snort.

"Robin does drugs?" Raven looked dumbfounded at his response.

"Bro, I think he was drugged." Cyborg look at Raven for an encouraging smile but received nothing but a cold stare. Cyborg began to follow Raven's footsteps to the Recovery Room, and turned to Beastboy.

"Come on, Beastboy." Raven stole the words Cybrog was about to say. Using her powers she dragged the boy behind her. 

Robin's POV

I laided physically exhausted on a white cot in a room I felt to be familiar. I sat up and groaned as pain shot threw me. As I stumbled to my feet I fixed my eyes on the alien girl I was now forbidden to love. I was told to kill them all and to be on the bad side that would likely dominate the world. In my pained heart, I longed to be fighting the people like that. I turned to see that the poor girl was likely asleep, navigating the horrible nightmares I had force upon her.

"I see you are awaken my dear," A voice I was all too tired of hearing, playfully spoke. I look behind me to see none other than the bitch who is trying to control me.

"You did try. I can't deny that." Luna held out her hand for me to take. I did not. "You must want the whole story. Very well."

She waved her pale hand in front of me. The world faded.

I looked around at the blurry visions clouding my eyes.

I recognized the the halls from which I had been days ago. Before I had felt sick. I watched myself as I stared longingly at the other Titans enjoying themselves. I felt the jealousy bubble inside myself. I didn't know where the anger was coming from. But then I realized. Luna had made me feel this way, and it was no different than before. She likely made me feel so much anger and jealousy and that is why I had found myself stalking after my past figure to see them rip down the shelving unit. I watched as Luna had whispered something in the shadows, and I hadn't seen her there before. I turned to see that my past figure had fallen, obviously under her control.

She was weakening me so I couldn't fight her now. I was beyond angry at what I had come to realize. She wanted me and all the do-gooders down and she wanted to rule. I narrowed my eyes as the dream faded to another moment.

Starfire was sitting intently on my bed looking down at my sick figure under the covers. In the shadows I had heard Luna cursed. Star and I shared a kiss and when Star had excitedly fled from the room, Luna waved her hands around me, whispering a spell.

The memories faded and I awoke again. I took one tired look at the tall lady standing in front of me and smirked.

"What next?"  

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