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Robin's POV

I sat up to see the beautiful figure of a orangish red haired girl. She stared down at me. My head was killing me and it didn't help that I was awakened to the booming of Cyborg's speakers, blaring club music.

"YO! YO! YO! YOOOOO!" Cyborg and Beastboy screeched from another room in the tower. I groaned and aloud Starfire to fix me a glass of water.

"Here is the water, uh- Friend...Robin." She smiled and blushed a little as she fumbled with the water. I ran my fingers threw my jet black hair.

"How long have I been out for?" I stared intently at Star's gorgeous green eyes.

"2 days, loser. So much work I've been doing for you, sick boy. Get your act together. Im not the usual leader of this joint." Raven grumbled as she stalked into the room with a tray of food and meds.

"Well miss sassy-ass, not everyone-!" I tried but Star seemed to have something to say that was more important then my speech.

"FRIEND-....uh yes FRIEND ROBIN DO NOT ACT LIKE THAT TO FRIEND RAVEN! Oh, dearest me I am of the most sorrys! I dddiddnt meeeaann to-to yell-lll." Starfire gulped. She then collected herself and fled the room quickly.

"Star!" I weakly called after her. "Raven, Im sorry, but LOOK WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!" I yelled. Raven rolled her eyes and handed me the glass of water I had been awaiting. "Thanks." I mumbled, taking a long sip.
"Well!" I erupted. "I'm going after her." Raven sent me a sarcastic look and a wink.

"Go get 'er Trusty Leader." She laughed in a rude voice and exited.

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