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Raven's POV

I had heard the screaming from down the halls. Starfire laid engulfed in blood and tears on the cold floors. She was unconscious and still.

"Beastboy! Cyborg!" I yelled bubbling with anger. They ran to my side in moments. "Get her to the Recovery Room, now!" I commanded and pushed the towards her limp figure.

I searched the halls for the evil that did such to her. From behind me I could hear the screaming and crying of a now awakened Starfire.

"HE TOLD ME HE DDIDN'T LOVE ME!" She cried with so much pain and heartbreak I almost felt emotion towards her. It could only be Robin that did this horrible thing to the poor alien girl. He so clearly loved her back but why was he so stupid?

The halls echoed with the loud footsteps I could hear marching ahead of me. They suddenly had gone silent and I caught up quickly to the figure of Robin.

"You!" He turned to face me. He looked sad, weak, and pathetic. He quickly began to run.

I grabbed Robin harshly by the arm before he could escape.

"What the hell are you thinking?" I shook, radiating my anger of the silver, cold walls of the Tower.

"I-I..." With one shaking look, the masked leader pushed away and rushed do the seemly empty halls. One a moment later to smack right into a drowsy Beast Boy.

"Heh?" He said, ditily grabbing the wall. Robin didn't mutter a word, but instead found himself pushing past the sickly figure he had just slammed into the harsh walls. I followed quickly after him with ease and momentum.

"Get back her you little-" I shouted, showing the means of how pissed I was in in my now milky dark eyes. He stopped in his tracks. The glow of anger and sadness reflecting the miserable face that showed little emotion.

"You love her," I said, shaking. He started painfully bad at me. He knew he did. But he made such a mistake I had felt the push to punch his face.

"Why are you so cross?" He asked me threw drugged eyes. I was just about fed up with his stupidness. His need to hurt a poor girl that did nothing but love him. I knew he was full of drugs and stumbing around the tower, but he had no right. He had no right.

"YOU-!" I surrounded him with dark purple and dragged him forward to meet my gaze.

"You little ass. You little-" I began to stangle the life out of the boy, screaming insults for my old friend. For a moment my now black eyes started at his sad ones. He felt regret.

"I- I didn't mean to!" He cried for mercy. Tears pooled his blue eyes as he was reaching for air.

"Bullshit! You meant it all!" My powers swirled angrily around me. "You stabbed her with your staff! You lied to her!" My voice rouse in volume. Soon the whole tower would be shaking with the power I possessed.

"I didn't do it on purpose! She made me!" Robin clawed at me. I pushed his weak figure against the walls easily.

"Who made you? Your teddy bear?!" I shook the boy in the air. He yelped and waved around helpless.

"Luna! Some bitch named Luna! She snuck into the Tower! She is powerful and I was weak and tired!" The black haired boy wasn't lying but I wasn't done with him yet.

"Okay, so why are you going around hurting people?" I spin him in the air with more force.

"I was drugged!" I rolled my eyes at his obvious response.

"Nah I thought you acted like this for fun!" I jerked and sent him flying into the hard, metal walls. His body fell forcefully to the ground limply. I used my magic to lift it up and drag the boy to the Recovery Room, where Starfire was getting fixed up momentarily by are trusty nurses. I rolled my eyes at the thought.

"Beastboy! Cyborg." I said with my normal monotone voice. "Fix this ass up, maybe you can make him less of an asshole while your at it." I walked over to Starfire as she laid asleep in one of the beds.

"He got what he deserved. Even if you don't agree."

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