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Robin's POV

I walked slowly down the halls. I felt sicked and weak, something that made me feel like nothing. Like I had no meaning or use. I pulled at my black hair, letting the stress create tears in my eyes. I layed up against the wall, hoping that the passing won't see me in this pathetic state.

"Hello." A small voice echoed, sending small shivers to add to my shaking. I took a long breath and stared up at the hooded figure.

"Raven?" I called to it. It looked taken aback.

"Why! That isn't the slightest bit correct, darling." I tried to fix my posture to see more confident, but in this state she had found me in, it was nothing but pointless. The figure, a woman, waltzed with ease towards me.

"Proud leader, huh?" She cooed in the shadows that engulfed us. She gently touched my shoulder and brushed her long fingers against the side of my cheek. " You poor baby. You feel weak and pathetic. You are sick and you feel that you have no power. Aww so... sad." She looked intently smug as she held my shoulder with her long, cold hand. I shivered and tried to push away. She frowned. "You must know why I'm here?" She smirked again, circling my shaking figure.

"I don't even know you, bitch!" I said pushing her against the wall harshly. She reached out, her long fingernails scratching at my cheeks.

"Don't be so sure." She removed her hood, revealing long, silver hair and icy blue eyes that danced with content. I reached up and cupped my cheeks with my hands. Blood began to stain my hands.

"I'm Luna." She rested her arm loosely on the nook of my neck. Her presence made me long to run or to curl up and die. The sense of knowing she was more powerful then me was shown threw her gaze and the way she so confidently marched around.

"Leave my Tower." I command with little to no sternness. She began to laugh. It softly danced down the empty halls.

"You can do me a favor, and then I will leave you and your petty so-called friends to lazily run the dump." She spat and turned to face me. I looked up to her tall, slender figure smirking down at me. "Puh-lease," She looked at me with her piercing blue eyes with confidence she'd get what she wanted.

"What, what do you want?" I regained my posture as she backed up.

"Getting back your confidence are we?" She said slyly. "Listen darling, all I want is for you to leave the baby group you parade around and kill them. Kill the others living here." My eyes shook with hate.

"I will not kill. Not even if you made me. I'm better than that." I clenched my fists. She looked smug and I knew something was going to happen. She was prepared.

"Smart one, aren't we?" She grabbed my arm forcefully, sending the sensation of pain to take over my tired body. With one small wave she stabbed my arm and threw me to the ground. "Good boy. Now do what your mommy says." Then she laughed as the pain made me scream. No noise came out. She muted me. I trashed around on the hard, metal ground. Tears streaming out of my exhausted eyes. It was too much. She insulted my home, my dead parents, my best friends, and she was a bitch. I grabbed upward, hoping to trip her up.

"Remember to hurt them, make them pay."

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