"Vanessa Nicole Laine. Take those headphones out of your ears. It gives a bad impression to the customers," my manager, Mr. Newton, barked at me. I groaned and pulled out my earphones and tucked them in the pocket of my khaki pants.

I hated my job. I was 20 years old and I worked at the local diner, cleverly named That Food Place, serving greasy food and strong coffee. But it was a job. And I needed money to pay for college. I guess the only good thing about working there was that every Friday night, any local talent would perform on the stage in the back center of the restaraunt. That included poets, singers, musicians, and dancers. Some people sucked. A lot. So much so that people would throw their over-priced food at them. But some people were actually really good. And it was those people that made it worth working there.

I myself am an aspiring musician. I would secretly sing to my showerhead in the apartment that I shared with my annoying Barbie-doll roommate and best friend, Mae Strauss (pronounced May). She was always telling me to perform at TFP. My problem? I had stage fright.

When I was 10, I got picked to be one of the leads in a school play about the pilgrims and native americans. It was some corny musical version of the historical event and I got picked to play Pocahontas. Why? Because I had a good voice and a knack for acting. So I got on stage on opening night and promptly threw up on my leading man, John Smith. And just like that, I was done performing in front of people.

"Earth to Nessie," I heard a voice say. I saw fingers with neon pink nail polish on them snap in front of me and I blinked.

"Hey Mae," I said, smiling at the rhyme that never got old. In front of me stood a pretty girl, with long, wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"You know, no wonder you never get any tips. It's because you zone out so much," Mae said.

"You're right. It can't be that my psychopath boss steals them all," I replied. She rolled her eyes. "What are you doing here? It's a Thursday night. You're supposed to be at a club," I asked.

"Psh. And leave my best friend here?" she said, waving her hand. I raised an eyebrow at her. She smiled. "Ok, ok. I was actually about to go get ready to go. But I wanted to ask you if you were working tomorrow first," she said.

"No, I'm off. For once," I said.

"Perfect! Will you come to the Sunset Grill with me tomorrow night?" she asked.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because...I met this guy. And he works there. And he told me to come. And I don't want to go alone," she replied.

"I still don't understand why I have to go. To serve as your third-wheel? I'd rather not," I said.

"LAINE! Stop chatting and get to work!" Mr. Newton yelled at me from the back kitchen.

"I'm taking her order!" I lied, turning my head back to Mae.

"You won't be my third wheel. There are some bands playing there. You can go to listen to music. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your soul-mate there," she said.

"There's a band playing here, too. Why not just come here?" I asked.

"No there's not. I checked the listing. It's a stupid depressing poet. Come ON Nessie. Please!" she begged, making a pouty face.

"Ugh, fine. Now go away before I get fired," I said. She smiled and hugged me over the counter.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You won't regret it!" she called as she walked out of the diner. I rolled my eyes after her and then went to wait on some people that just walked in and sat down.


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