Bone Diggers - Chapter Twenty Seven

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Sitting with the thieves gave Amilia hope. It didn't matter that it was a small group. Just being invited to a guild meeting showed she was accepted.

After going over old missions, Gael spoke about new business. "You might have noticed some...drama recently," he said. "In an effort to avoid favoritism, it's been decided Daniel will no longer be Miss Le Russo's mentor."

"That's ridiculous," Daniel said out of turn.

Gael shot him a patient look, telling him wordlessly not to interrupt again. "Trust is huge in our line of work," Gael continued. "Instead of pairing Miss Le'Russo with a stranger, Monsieur Tarlé will take over."

"What?" Lance blurted, "Me?"

"It avoids a conflict of interest, and you have already proven the ability to work together." His tone grew annoyed, as if tired of discussing the subject.

Amilia swallowed hard, mouth nearly too dry to do so. "I would be happy to work with Lance," she said. "Learning from multiple teachers is always prudent." The boys might be taken aback, but these sort of politics weren't new, or objectionable, to her.

Daniel, however, was so tense it radiated off of him. It wasn't that he didn't trust the replacement, more so the public slap on the hand. The surprise always hurt the most.

"It shall be done," Lance said, finding that edge of professionalism needed.

"Good. Meeting adjourned," Gael said. He gathered his papers from a small writing desk, and when he left to go back to his office Abel followed.

"Well, that was something," Lucas said. He glanced around to his friends who hung back in the library.

"Indeed." Lance broke into a wide grin. "What a most interesting turn of events. Just when I was starting to feel like the third wheel, too. I even know what my first official order is going to be."

"Oh?" Amilia asked.

Lance stood up and moved in front of Amilia. The amusement in his voice vanished to give an authoritative tone. "Make out with me."

Daniel's face went pale as Lucas started cracking up. Or at least, they laughed until Daniel shot him a look.

"Quoi?" Lance asked, unable to hide his enjoyment. "Is that not how you did it?"

"Not exactly," Daniel grumbled.

"Amilia." Lance gingerly drew one of her hands between his. "We need to address this underlying sexual tension between us. It must be assured that we won't be a distraction to each other."

She stood. Eliminating much of the space between them. She smiled faintly, examining his face for a moment as she tilted her chin up. "I'd rather quit," she whispered only inches from his mouth. After a glance to the others she stepped away. "Now that we've addressed that, I hope to see you again soon for training."

Lance's eyes followed Amilia out, losing sight as she slipped into the hallway.

"Is your curiosity satisfied?" Daniel said, rougher than he intended.

"Yes, it's clear where we stand. But you, on the other hand..." Lance's words trailed off as their eyes met. His hands rose, fingers twitching over Daniel's biceps. "Have you been working out?"

"I hate you right now."

"Liar," Lance laughed, and Lucas cracked up again too.

Daniel looked over to Lucas again, but sighed this time. "You're right," he said, glancing back to Lance. "I'm sorry for my recent behavior."

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