Bone Diggers - Chapter Thirty Eight

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Cole's text said they'd pick him up at eight pm. So, around seven the following night Owen killed time by putting on Age of Shadows arena streams and pretended to pay attention. A larger question than why a knight was wearing such impractical armor was what Cole meant by 'picking him up.' He couldn't even remember the last time he just didn't meet someone somewhere.

There was a knock on his door exactly five minutes before Nicole said she'd arrive. Both she and Seth were always surprisingly punctual. It was a feat that always impressed Owen. He assumed they were trained by going to classes. That perfect attendance must have leaked into the rest of their life.

Owen opened the door to Cole and was instantly drawn to her pink and blue hair. Even if he had thought it looked ridiculous, the soft pastels drew attention all the same. No roots showed, so it must be new. "Your hair is actually too cute for words."

"Aww, you are so sweet." Cole's smile grew. "Are you ready to go?"

He patted his pants pockets, feeling his phone in one but the keys were missing from the other. He went back to grab them off the table. "Ready," Owen said as he locked the door. "Where exactly are we going?"

"To an open mic." Nicole took slow steps backwards until Owen caught up, and then looped her arm in his.

"Like a comedy show?"

"No, more like a poetry slam."

Owen paused in his steps, and Cole had to give him a little pull. "Don't be a sour puss. You already agreed to come with us."

"True." His mood lightened, but he didn't look all that convinced as they took the elevator down. Soon after that, it didn't matter since a far more curious sight waited for him. Seth was illegally parked in a newer style VW bug. "Who's car is that?"

"Mine." Nicole beamed. She opened the passenger door, and folded the seat forward. "My dad got it for my birthday."

"Hey," Seth said, leaning forward to see Owen.

"Hi," he said, and got in the back. "Wait, wasn't your birthday like nine months ago."

She didn't answer right away, too focused on watching Seth pull her new toy out on the road. "Yeah, he tends to add a grand for every month he misses."

"Wish my dad did that."

Cole glanced back at him with a small flash of a smile. "I'd complain about him being a shit parent, but it's hard to complain in this beauty."

"Well, you are going to find a reason to complain if you don't remind me how to get to that cafe," Seth interjected.

"Oh." Cole wiggled in the seat to pull out her phone that had been sticking halfway out of her tight jeans. She hummed to herself while checking the directions. "Take the next right."

"Alright," Seth said, and changed lanes like a taxi driver. "Before I forget, can you remind me of my MPRE study group on Tuesday later?"

"At four, right?"

"Yeah—What are you smiling at?" Seth accusingly glanced back at Owen who only laughed.

"You take knowing the law so you can break it to such an extreme," Owen said. He leaned over in his seat so he would be more in the middle. "If you ever get caught you can represent yourself, and be halfway decent at it."

"More like three-quarters of the way decent, but he'd still have a fool for a client," Cole corrected.

"Studying is very important for us lowlifes who don't have daddy's money," Seth started, and Cole stuck out her tongue without even looking up from her phone. "Or have a sweet deal playing video games."

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