Bone Diggers - Chapter Ten

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A long day at work and other random oddities were tugging at the back of Owen's mind, which made it all the more relaxing when he could slip into the game. No need to think beyond the world provided for him.

Unfortunately, this world wasn't problem-free either. Lance's suspicions about Amilia rattled around his head like a catchy tune no one liked. The need for answers gnawed at him like a dull hunger. He could ask the guild, but Amilia was an oddity, not their goal. Simply a distraction standing in front of their real objectives.

When he finally had free time from guild duties, he had no idea what do with himself. Daniel walked around town half hoping something would grab his attention. He smiled politely as he passed a group of women outside a brothel who fluttered small fans around and over their faces.

"Daniel, my love," a woman called as she folded up her fan to reveal her face. Her long soft orange hair was pinned up in large curls. She had a strong nose that made all her expressions look harsher when she so chose.

"Lily!" A smile the day had stolen from him returned as he spoke. "Isn't it past your bedtime?"

"Maybe you should take me there."

Simple as that, he did. Lily was sitting on the end of Daniel's bed playing with the random trinkets that he had. Daniel was leaning against the headboard reading, while Lily went on about something that he wasn't paying attention too. They had a strange sort of friendship that, if asked, would simply have been described as looking out for each other. While also NPC, Lily was different from Amilia, and more importantly, the exact sort of company he wanted right now.

"I always love coming over. You have the best things to play with."

"Mm," Daniel said, hardly paying attention.

Lily made a quick pout before she crawled over to Daniel, and stopped as she loomed over the book.

He glanced up. "What can I do for you, dear?"

Instead of using words, she leaned in and answered with a kiss. Lily moved to kiss down the side of his neck. Daniel put up a silent show as he tried to focus on the book, but was only able to read a few more words before he closed his eyes to enjoy the moment.

She pulled at Daniel's shirt, but he suddenly caught her hand in his to stop her. His was the sort that suggested nothing innocent. Lily didn't back down. It was a look she'd seen a number of times, and every time it caused her to bite her lip in anticipation.

His mind blissfully went elsewhere for a while making it hard to track the time that passed. It moved in a relative way at home, and with only minor syncing, night could easily turn into morning. A hollow, echoing sound woke him and after a moment he realized where the sound had come from. Daniel sat up in the bed, swinging his feet over to the side and hoping that he didn't wake up Lily.

Halfway to the door there was another knock. However, when he opened it the person standing there was a surprise. "Amilia, uh, good morning," Daniel said. He ran his hand through his hair, and feverishly tried to remember if he forgot that they made plans.

Amilia glanced down at his bare chest, eyes flaring wide before she forced herself to look back up. "I guess I was wrong about you being a morning person," she joked. The lack of invite in caused her to fidget with her nails. "I was thinking we could perhaps pick out a weapon for me today," she suggested weakly and glanced back toward the street. "Should I come back later? Pardon my rudeness for waking you."

"Uh, actually—"

There was a hum from the room behind Daniel. The soft floaty sound silenced the rest of his comment. Amilia's mouth fell open and let out a small sound. "Oh."

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