Bone Diggers - Chapter Thirty One

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"Do you want to come with me?" Abel asked, clearly looking for a volunteer on his solo mission. Why risk yourself when you could risk others?

"Busy today, sorry," Daniel said.

"Your loss." Abel shrugged before leaving to do his own work. Since Daniel had been all business as of late, they'd been getting along better than ever. It was easy to make friends when you did their work.

Daniel watched Abel carry on down the road that would lead to the thieves guild. That's the direction he should go, and yet...he glanced down another way, a path that would take him where he really desired.

He was like the ocean, a force that could be guided until it swells and becomes uncontrollable. Inside the training hall of a very different faction, Daniel walked onto a mezzanine.

"Knights, hear me," Daniel called, as he stepped up onto the railing. He stood gathering as much attention as possible. "I warn thee well. No bloodier spirit between heaven and hell. I'll give you a choice, unlike what I was given. Talk to me, or talk to your god."

Once he jumped down, he was met with a wave untalkative folks. Blood spilled over his sword as he dispatched them all with a cold urgency. Except for one, who ran.

Daniel's boots scraped against the floor as he came to a stop. The man hadn't gone far. He ended up stuck, huddled in a corner. "Please, I'll tell you anything," the guard pleaded.

"I'm looking for your leader, Ambrogio Spinola," Daniel said dryly. "Tell me where he is and I'll let you leave."

The look the man gave Daniel was similar to the look he'd seen Lance give him before. One that silently asked still? This is still your main concern? Despite the look, the man answered. "Most rumors claim he left with his men on a boat, but I heard whispers that he is visiting with the Archbishop. That's all I know."

"I'm a man of my word. Begone."

The guard looked up, blinking at the choice he didn't think he'd actually be given.

Daniel carried on without a glance back. Moving deeper into this labyrinth to areas his original warning likely wasn't ever heard. Based on how quick some of the men attacked, it didn't seem like they wanted to talk anyway.

They were all faceless people until one spoke. Daniel wouldn't have recognized the executioner if the man hadn't. "I remember you," he said. The man paced in a half circle around Daniel with his ax resting against his shoulder. "It was a shame I couldn't chop that pretty little girl's head off. Maybe I can get yours instead."

The man swung the ax high and wide, managing to cut off Daniel's reply. The thief ducked and moved in close with his dagger. The executioner caught Daniel's arm as he continued to push for the kill before he was shoved to the ground.

This time, the executioner swung towards the floor. Daniel rolled away and sprung back up to his feet as the ax wedged itself into the wood paneling. A thief's speed compared to the powerful, but slow, swings turned out to be the man's downfall. Daniel caught him square in the chest with his dagger.

The man wheezed unable to breathe with metal in his lung. His weapon dropped as Daniel helped him to the ground. Any final words the NPC had were lost through the hole in his chest.

"I hope you were able to bully your last victim, or follada your wife. Whatever it takes for you to feel better about yourself. As you lay here, ask yourself, was killing her worth it?" Daniel stood up from the warm body of the man he just killed. His head was dizzy with anger. Hunting him down had helped, but it wasn't enough. It wouldn't be until he held everyone accountable.

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