Bone Diggers - Chapter Five

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It had been days since Amilia joined Daniel's team, and it was soon decided that he'd take his new recruit out to see how she could help. Under a rustic sky, they ventured along recreated historic streets towards the start location.

"What sort of mission is it?" Amilia asked.

"We are protecting a witness."

"Oh." It sounded noble and hopefully trouble-free enough. "Is that something the thieves' guild does often?"

"The powers that be will really take almost any mission that follows their tenets," Daniel candidly answered.

Amilia remembered them discussing this at a café a couple nights before. "Do not raise a hand against another, for we take care of our own. Bring no harm to the innocent or poor."

Daniel hummed an agreement. "Both morally sound, and a good way to avoid making unseen enemies."

"That just leaves..."

Daniel looked over with a smile, wondering if she'd get the third one or if she needed a hint. They passed a few buildings before he offered the answer. "Take only what you need."

"That's a funny rule," Amilia mused. Daniel tilted his head. She shrugged. "For a bunch of thieves, that is."

"It might be if we weren't a guild. Greed leads to corruption, which leads to abuses in the ranks. I would rather be part of a morally gray group that hasn't forgotten about its pack than blindly following all the laws set without much say."

It hadn't been long, but Amilia was starting to feel an odd tenderness towards Daniel. She wanted to know what he specifically thought about the world. "I'm in."

Daniel pulled out a map of the city, spreading it wide so Amilia could look over his shoulder. His eyes traced the path they'd take. "The Knight we are escorting is wanted in court to testify soon. Whatever his story, it is imperative he gets to tell it in one piece," he explained as the corner of his mouth twitched up. "Most likely boring, but has the chance to be something dicey. Any worries to confess before we go?" he teased for the sheer fun of it as he folded up the map.

"I guess not," Amilia said, and looked down at her hands. She had no real weapons of her own, like the arsenal Daniel carried. "If things do get messy, what am I supposed to do?"

Daniel chewed on his lip as he looked Amilia over. What did he have that he could share? A dagger would only be good in short range combat, and the idea of someone being that close to her without the proper training made his stomach uneasy. "Do you know how to use a sword?"

"I know which side to hold."

Amilia's eyes grew wide as Daniel pulled out a sword and handed it over with an everyday casualness about it. "Th-thank you," she said. With wonder, she blinked at the rather beautiful rapier while Daniel pulled off the belt that had secured the sword to his waist.

The two headed towards the north side of town, to a cantina. "Amilia," Daniel said, and nodded towards tables across the street. "Do you see that man outside eating? Don't believe a word he says, nor fall prey to his charm."

Amilia looked over, expecting the serious words to match who she saw, while Daniel's expression was one of amusement. When she glanced again, she actually thought it looked like the man she saw with Daniel before.

He walked straight up to the man, not only stealing a seat next to him, but the remaining half of his sandwich. "We must protect that figure of yours, dear Tarlé."

"As always, Danny boy," Lance replied, making Daniel twitch at the name. Amilia followed behind, entertained by their exchange. It was a disregard of proper etiquette rarely seen in this age.

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