Bone Diggers - Chapter Forty Nine

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"We didn't get to dance at the wedding," Amilia said when Daniel entered the room. He smiled as he lifted the livery collar from his shoulders and placed the chain on the dresser. She'd only retired to the room fifteen minutes ago and had settled into the plush bed.

"You are right," Daniel said, with a light smile. He moved over closer and held out his hand. "I think we deserve a dance."

Amilia smiled, and noticed her cheeks felt a little sore. She shook her head as Daniel sat down on the bed and watched her expression. His own made her smile even bigger. "The only thing I want is for you to stay with me," she said, and rubbed her thumb against the slight stubble on his cheek. "Weddings make me think of happily ever afters. Kids, and everything else it can mean."

Daniel closed his eyes, chin lifting ever so at her touch. After taking a breath, he opened his eyes to meet hers. He guided Amilia's hand to his lips and kissed her fingertips. "I spent nearly two years of my life without you. I know what it is like. I want you, and whatever that means or doesn't mean."


"And I will always choose you," Daniel continued. "If you are the sea, and I am the shore, I will take everything that the tide brings in."

"Are you a poet, my love?" she asked. Daniel was always the light that would shine brightest, the fire that would burn through the shadows and be the truth in the ashes. Maybe he made her a poet, too.

"For you, I try."

Amilia pressed her forehead against his, taking a gentle moment before meeting his lips. Daniel had learned to be delicate, but not tense, whenever they kissed. That balance made her feel the most comfortable. His hands hovered before resting on her waist, which received an automatic shiver. "Sorry," he whispered before moving them away.

"No," Amilia said, and reached for them. "I'm just...cold."

Daniel apprehensively looked her over as she placed his hands back. Once there, her hands moved up to his shoulders. Daniel couldn't help but freeze as he let her do as she wanted, and received a series of kisses that felt like pleas.

"Amilia..." he mumbled, bewildered by her.

"Just stay here," she said softly. Daniel nodded, and followed her next order, which was 'kiss me.' His hesitation melted away quicker than he expected.

She had only brushed her fingers through his hair with love or adoration in the past months. But this time, they tangled and knotted around the strands. He broke the kiss to be able to look at her. Her jaw was tight before opening her eyes, her body tensing up like his did. "I want you," she repeated his words, "and whatever that means."

Daniel tenderly touched her face, and she instinctively turned her cheek against his palm. "As you wish, mon amour." he whispered, and gave her the choice of when their lips would meet again.

"Great, good place to end today," Carmen interrupted.

If taking a cold shower does the trick, then her voice was an ice bucket dumped over their heads. Owen clenched his jaw and pulled off the headgear. He stared at his hands for a second before looking up in a silent search for Andreah.

She held his glance before pressing her lips into a thin line. "Wouldn't want to break TOS," Andreah said, with a veiled tone.

"Oh please," Carmen said, "No one enforces that. It just had to be there."

"Unless someone pisses off fnVR," Owen added.

Carmen's weight swayed towards him with a grin. "Exactly."

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