Horizon of War

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"The Red Hood... is Izuku Midoriya."

Her breath hitched, much like when Aizawa had told her Izuku was alive. Body trembling, her gut twisting, as an extreme nausea corrupting her. Having been struck in the stomach would have been a better alternative. Eyes blurring with tears, head falling as the grip of her hands failed to register.

"N-No! I-Its not true! God damn you Aizawa!" Fear, anger, the emotions that welled up in her chest caused her breathing to grow erratic. Through her tears she held a look that could kill. She wouldn't hear it! Not Izuku! That couldn't be him! Toga had a transformation quirk! That means other's could too, it could just be some villain using him as a cover! Yet no matter how much her mind screamed, how much she claimed it wasn't true the look Aizawa gave her told her that what he said was an undeniable truth.

Slowly did her grip loosen, instead going to cover her face as she fell to the floor, hands holding her face, "No, please... God" She begged, to a deity who would not answer, begged that anyone, anything would tell her that the reality was anything but the truth. She wished it was all just one big nightmare, that she would wake up from this horrible life. Sadly no matter how much she cried the fact she could feel her tears stinging her skin, the way her fingers trembled told all that could be said.

What the hell could she do? What would she tell Eri? Could she tell Eri? Her memories recalling the smiling face of Izuku Midoriya. It was impossible for her to place that same face with The Red Hood. It wouldn't make sense to her, the hero Izuku was, the hero he still is, could never do even a tenth of what Red Hood has done. It just wasn't possible.

The tears only continued to build, she cried until her breathing began to wheeze. There was not enough air in her lungs to support her. Heart thumping so loud within her body. Head beginning to hurt. Hands falling from her face to hold her arms. "Izuku please. No please. please. p-please..." The choking sobs emanating from Nemuri echoed throughout the room.

Aizawa could only watch as his friend crumbled. The guilt, the regret that wormed it's way through his body wasn't something he could ever rid himself of. His mouth opened to speak, he wanted to apologize.

But he stopped himself. He wouldn't say he was sorry. Not now at the very least. Going forward he would only be making decisions that would anger the woman further. Apologizing now would ultimatley result in nothing. It might even only further the hate she holds towards him.

So he only sat there and from his desk watched Nemuri's desperation. The wiping of never ending tears, the labored breaths of air, the pleading. Eyes drifting downward he moved his hands placing Red Hood's helmet in the way so that it took up his entire vision. It had become hard to look at the woman's face. To Aizawa it was much easier of a sight.

Three perhaps even five minutes passed before the sobbing was drowned out by the intercom in the room blaring to life. "All U.A staff report to the conference room immediately."

Still Aizawa sat for nearly another minute, he was in no real rush. The emotion showing on his face forcefully swept away as his jaw and fists tightened. Standing his gaze drifted towards Nemuri.

This meeting would not be one she would be attending. The woman as she was now could barely stand, let alone breathe properly. 

Although she had a right to know of Red Hood's identity, the others didn't. If they saw Nemuri now, it would be hard to explain her condition in a way that made sense. "Stay here." He wasn't sure if his voice had been heard through the sobs that tore through her throat. Still he had to say it. Grabbing Red Hood's pistol he stowed the weapon in his desk. Only then were his emotions truly subdued, the remnants of tears gone.

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