On All Sides

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"Izuku..." the name emerged like a whisper which cut through the silence of a winter night. Blue eyes looked to the dark sky and glinting stars. Reiko held her hands together, fingers laced tightly. Her short pale gray hair rustling with the wind. She stood on the street of training ground B her face covered by the mask of her hero suit.

"Focus Reiko we can't help if we don't train."

Bringing her steely gaze down she looked to her friend Itsuka Kendo the ginger haired girl in a fighting stance both hands covering her face while her chin tucked inwards. The girl's hero costume affixed to her body as well, her eye mask covering the top portion of her face. The skin of her knuckles a faded color different from the rest of her skin. Her muscles more defined then they ever were before.

"Mmm..." Digging into the pockets of her hero costume Reiko pulled out several metallic objects consisting of nuts, screws, and even bolts. Throwing them into the air the objects collected together with a glow via Reiko's quirk activating. Pointing to Kendo she sent the objects flying all of which sped forward at a rapid pace.

Kendo watched as the metal came flying at her before she broke off in a sprint racing towards Reiko. As she and the objects came closer to each other Itsuka enlarged her hands before she began swatting away at the objects knocking some out of her way in order to close the distance between her and Reiko.

The gray-haired girl paid no mind instead she moved her finger orchestrating the objects causing them to switch direction mid air. "Tch..." Itsuka stopped her rush instead turning to pivot on her right foot, her hands going up to block the bolts that were headed for her back. Although her strength had been increased due to training so did Reiko's and each impact felt as though someone was swinging a metal bat with all their strength. Unfortunately for Itsuka it didn't end their as stragglers targeted her unprotected areas. Her knees, shoulders, and back were peppered with objects.

Quickly Itsuka scanned the area, she was at a severe disadvantage in terms of ranged combat that aspect made Reiko her natural enemy. Her teal eyes searched until they found themselves gazing at one of the decorative car's placed within the mock city. Quickly she swiped her hand knocking the objects closest to her away before she ran towards the car. Grabbing the door Itsuka ripped it off its hinges before she used all her strength tossing it towards Reiko.

The girl seeing the speeding door aimed for her focused all her attention on using her quirk to slow the door down, turning it from its top right corner to the flat side. "Urgh!" Grunting she braced herself as the door made contact with her pushing her back. Luckily due to her quirk the damage was greatly reduced, though she could still feel her right arm stinging having used it to block the hit. Reiko could take a breathe, looking through the shattered car window she saw a giant fist strike at her. With not enough time Reiko could only feel the metal door just out hitting her in her ribs before she was taken off her feet and launched back into the street floor. Hitting the ground Reiko skipped a few paces before coming to a stop. The white fur of her hero suit covered in asphalt.

Groaning she held her side for a minute before Itsuka leaned down grabbing the collar of her hero suit with her left hand while the right was angled back fist closed. "Do you yield?"

Reiko said nothing and only glared at Itsuka before she suddenly brought her head forward headbutting Itsuka in the nose. Itsuka recoiled back hand going to her bleeding nose, Reiko picked herself up hands going up copying the same style of Itsuka's.

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