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Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios by Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios ❤ This a book filled with Boku No Hero Academia Scenarios and reactions. Includes: All Might, Aizawa, Midnight, Nezu, Present Mic...
Burning Pile {BNHA x Reader} by Lazy_Plague
Burning Pile {BNHA x Reader}by §LEEP
"When we are sleeping in this world, we are awake in another" "Being called weird is like being called a limited edition, it means you're something people...
Izuku's Way of the House Husband (IzukuxNemuri)  by Quinns65k
Izuku's Way of the House Husband ( Quinns65k
Being tired and stressed out from all her work as a Hero as well as a Teacher every single day, Nemuri Kayama or professionally known as 'Midnight' still has something t...
My Hero Broly (MHA x DBS Broly: Remastered)  by LegendarySaiyan9576
My Hero Broly (MHA x DBS Broly: The Cringe Slayer
What if Broly was sent to the My hero universe by Shenron instead of Vampa? What if he trains under the Symbol of Peace, finds happiness, as well as helps out class 1A a...
Iida x reader (Aizawa's daughter) by volzyx
Iida x reader (Aizawa's daughter)by volzyx
Y/n is the daughter of eraserhead and is very close with all the UA teachers. Her mother has passed away leaving Aizawa to mainly take care of her. Her and her father ar...
Izu's Life in America (Rewritten) by Jas_mine889
Izu's Life in America (Rewritten)by Jas_mine889
Everyone starts distancing themselves from Izu. Ochaco cheats on Izu with Todoroki. The only people talking to him are Katsuki, teachers, All Might and Nezu. Heck even E...
。.゚✧Nemuri Kayama Scenarios/Headcanons*・゜゚ by MeWantMomMilky
。.゚✧Nemuri Kayama Scenarios/ Horny for Ryoba
13+ Hero / Midnight she needs more love man Fem Y/n
The Pied Piper of Musutafu by Irisofthewaters
The Pied Piper of Musutafuby Irisofthewaters
As long as stories are remembered, they have a life, a life that sometimes reaches out and takes tha hand of a person in need. -------- Aizawa Shouta was not expecting...
The Hero In Me - Vigilante Deku by Wolves_Of_England
The Hero In Me - Vigilante Dekuby Shou Cloudlord
Izuku was denied the one thing that he loved: being a hero. At age 11, he was told he couldn't be a hero by the #1 hero and his idol, All Might. He had almost took his l...
New Family? { Mha x child reader } by Ryokohoshistories
New Family? { Mha x child reader }by Kenny
Ok first of all this is not a pedo story so if you came here for that then you can kindly go FUCK YOUR SELF anyway on with the story
Opposites//ERASERMIC//Boku No Hero Academia by MetalSpine
Opposites//ERASERMIC//Boku No Rei
Aizawa goes to UA high school to be a underground hero. Then he recognizes his crush from his middle school, Hizashi Yamada, who was in another class in his previous sch...
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It's You by Ms_Lowkey
It's Youby Ms_Lowkey
How do you know when you got it bad? You simply can't stand when they're not with you
« 近死 » by MornedhelMorgoth
« 近死 »by Corvus
Aizawa Shōta is an enigma to many people. He seemed to be a stoic man with little regard for his work, yet somehow managed to always be early and support his students. H...
The moon is beautiful, isn't it? (eraserjoke) by SHOOTAAIZAWAA
The moon is beautiful, isn't it? ( satsuki
EraserJoke Fanfiction! Aizawa had his leg amputated after a disastrous attack by The League of Villains years back, leaving him with no choice but retire from any kind o...
A Cold Place. ( Enji x toshinori ship)  by Unitylegend
A Cold Place. ( Enji x toshinori Unitylegend
(COMPLETED STORY) Toshi was asked by Nemuri to hang out with her and the gang to the woods that was right next to the park. It took sometime for Toshi to agree and when...
Black Bolt Guardian of Mustafu by qwretthgddsvdf
Black Bolt Guardian of Mustafuby qwretthgddsvdf
Ever since he saw All Might Izuku wanted nothing more than to be a shining Symbol of Peace, however after gaining a powerful Quirk he realised that it is better to be a...
The Son Of Midnight Bnha (On Hold/Editing) by Dontstealmyshit10673
The Son Of Midnight Bnha (On Weeb-rat
(This hasn't been done right?) It was a normal day back at UA as Nemuri was going for a walk outside but was cut off after seeing a baby curled up in a dirty white blank...
[ALL MIGHT (Toshinori Yagi)  X READER] | My Hero Academia by vigorous_sky
[ALL MIGHT (Toshinori Yagi) X vigorous_sky
(Y/N) was a mysterious girl who had no family and was adopted by a young woman who raised her to become the greatest hero to ever live. She went through years of hard t...
(Izuku x Momo) I'm nothing without you by alphadeku18
(Izuku x Momo) I'm nothing Devon James Rick-Bundschuh
Izuku was experimented on starting at the age of 4 because he was quirkless and they tried to put an artificial quirk in him but little did they know he had a quirk but...
The Trio Heroes. (Sorry for cringe) by I_need_a_life2
The Trio Heroes. (Sorry for cringe)by Jinxed
What if Izuku and Ochako were captured at a young age? What if both were captured because both were dual quirk users? What if Eri was rescued early and knew about Izuku...