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Toshinori x Reader x Aizawa x Enji x Hizashi  by StupidWeebo
Toshinori x Reader x Aizawa x StupidWeebo
Heyo! I can't do the description cause I don't even know what the heck is going on even tho I'm the author- This story was birthed into existence due to sleep deprivatio...
Second Chance to Live by LokiLavi
Second Chance to Liveby Vaxie
The Devil's right hand woman, Queen Dice also know as (Y/n) (L/n), was killed in action while having a battle against Cuphead and Mugman. She was surprise that she had d...
little space / regression series ft. Aizawa by Shouta_Maru
little space / regression series babyzawa
( not an accurate depiction of regression) /infantilism/ NOT A CLASSIFICATION AU! EXTREMELY OOC! (OUT OF CHARACTER!) originally posted on Ao3 by yours truly, Me. thi...
Burning Pile {BNHA x Reader} by Lazy_Insomniac_
Burning Pile {BNHA x Reader}by §LEEP
"When we are sleeping in this world, we are awake in another" "Being called weird is like being called a limited edition, it means you're something people...
Black Bolt Guardian of Mustafu by qwretthgddsvdf
Black Bolt Guardian of Mustafuby qwretthgddsvdf
Ever since he saw All Might Izuku wanted nothing more than to be a shining Symbol of Peace, however after gaining a powerful Quirk he realised that it is better to be a...
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios by Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios ❤ This a book filled with Boku No Hero Academia Scenarios and reactions. Includes: All Might, Aizawa, Midnight, Nezu, Present Mic...
Erasermic by Awkward_Weeb08
Erasermicby •Shota Aizawa•
⚠️WARNING⚠️ THIS STORY INCLUDES SOME THINGS THAT MIGHT BE TRIGGERING FOR SOME PEOPLE: Self harm Swearing Suicidal thoughts So if you are one of those people you have...
A 'Normal' Cafe Owner {Discontinued, already have a re-write} by Daoist_Cat
A 'Normal' Cafe Owner { Erasercloudmic
Izuku Is Just A Normal Cafe Owner Yeah... Just A Normal Cafe Owner {Warning⚠️: This story is crap many wrong typos.. i think..and this story sucks}
ReinDeltaTale: Undertale  And Deltarune Reincarnate......Into My Hero Academia. by Queenofcrossovers01
ReinDeltaTale: Undertale And Someone
Where all the characters and NPCs in Undertale have reincarnated into the Bnha verse. But what if not one person wants to be a hero? What if all the younger reincarnates...
My hero                                       (Shota AizawaXGender neutral Y/n!) by Ash_Bones
My Ash
Y/n Yamada. You work at an coffee shop not too far from your home. Your brother is a pro hero so he doesn't want people to really know your his sibling for safety purpos...
Bnha Oneshots by ChildOfErasermic
Bnha Oneshotsby ChildOfErasermic
Comment some ideas for chapters. Anything LGBTQIA+ is welcome for pride month🥰
Thaw my heart (Enji Todoroki x Reader) by Harri_bow
Thaw my heart (Enji Todoroki x Daddy Pig
His quirk is fire but his heart is as cold as ice, can you thaw his frozen heart? Y/N has a troubled past filled with pain and gore, everything seems to only go downhill...
« 近死 » by MornedhelMorgoth
« 近死 »by Corvus
Aizawa Shōta is an enigma to many people. He seemed to be a stoic man with little regard for his work, yet somehow managed to always be early and support his students. H...
A Cold Place. ( Enji x toshinori ship)  by Unitylegend
A Cold Place. ( Enji x toshinori Unitylegend
(COMPLETED STORY) Toshi was asked by Nemuri to hang out with her and the gang to the woods that was right next to the park. It took sometime for Toshi to agree and when...
Overpowering Encounters by petersentessa
Overpowering Encountersby Tessa Petersen
After Ketsiubestu Academy and Yuuei have a joint practice together, Eraserhead and Ms. Joke catch up with each other. After talking and observing Ms. Joke, Eraserhead no...
Opposites//ERASERMIC//Boku No Hero Academia by MetalSpine
Opposites//ERASERMIC//Boku No Rei
Aizawa goes to UA high school to be a underground hero. Then he recognizes his crush from his middle school, Hizashi Yamada, who was in another class in his previous sch...
The Son Of Midnight Bnha (On Hold) by Dontstealmyshit10673
The Son Of Midnight Bnha (On Hold)by Weeb-rat
(This hasn't been done right?) It was a normal day back at UA as Nemuri was going for a walk outside but was cut off after seeing a baby curled up in a dirty white blank...
A Cafe Owner [Re-write of the 'A 'Normal' Cafe Owner] by Daoist_Cat
A Cafe Owner [Re-write of the 'A ' Erasercloudmic
An Alternate Universe, A Dimension Where izuku Is A Vigilante And A Cafe Owner Follow Izuku as he become a cafe owner of the [Peace] cafe!. [•|~Many characters will prob...
I Think You're Cute by MilkyCatTea
I Think You're Cuteby dumbass_tea
[Name] Yamada meets Aizawa. It's amusing how your bother forgetting their bento can 'cause all of that.
Little Kitten! by yoaixay
Little Kitten!by xcurly girl
Izuku was invited into a group chat full of pro hero's by accident. Izuku was left by his parent's when he was 5 and raised himself not knowing much. Izuku gets bullied...