Broken Ambitions

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"Alright, class go get changed into your hero outfits and meet at mock city B. It's time for your hero training."

Chairs shuffled across the floor of class 1-a. The students listened to their teacher Shota Aizawa with excitement coursing through their veins. "Man! I wonder what we're going to do today!" Some of the most boisterous students such as Kaminari wondered out loud. There was one student however who took a bit longer than anyone else.

Izuku smiled shoving his hero analysis journal within his backpack before the sweetest voice he could hear entered his range. "Izuku come on! We have to go before Aizawa-sensei gets mad at us."

Turning to look he spotted Ochako Uraraka, his first love and now girlfriend. He had confessed to her after the Hosu incident months ago and since then they had been what Mina dubbed the "Cinnabun Couple". "Oh yeah sorry!" Rubbing the back of his head Izuku stood up before Uraraka grabbed his hand leading him out of the classroom.

Leaving to follow after their classmates they stopped when they saw their sister class 1-B exit their classroom. "Oh look it's Midoriya." The first to notice their presence was their class representative Itsuka Kendo. The ginger-haired girl smiled giving a large wave before her eyes drifted to the couple's interlocked hands. She wasn't the only one to notice as Reiko Yanagi gave an emotionless stare.

"Oh hey, Kendo! Sorry but we were just on our way to our Hero training so we can't talk right now but maybe later!" Hurriedly giving an excuse as they two ran off.

Itsuka gave a forced smile before responding, "Oh, of course! Go ahead." Once the two left Itsuka sighed.

"What's wrong prez? Missing mean green already!" Setsuna lightly elbowed her friend in the ribs. It was obvious to the lizard girl that her prez was crushing hard on Midoriya.

Blushing Itsuka crossed her arms, "What are you saying? I just care about him as a classmate besides, he already has a girlfriend."

"Mmm, yes so please refrain from any more teasing Tokage." Reiko joined in having heard enough about Izuku's girlfriend. Raising her hands Setsuna conceded stopping her teasing but did take notice of Itsuka's blushing and the small frustration on Reiko's face.


Izuku entered the boy's changing room seeing his friends already changing into their hero suits. Joining them he went to his locker unlocking it and pulling out his hero case. Stripping his shirt off Izuku could immediately feel the stars directed toward him. He knew the reason why. His back, chest, arms, and sides of him were decorated with scars. All of them looked as if his flesh had been forcibly gouged out while others looked as though he had been roasted in a fire. Pretending not to notice Izuku did not say a word especially when a stern glare from Bakugou entered his line of sight of him.

'You better not say shit Deku!'

The message was clear so quickly he tried to change into his hero suit. He had gotten faster since the beginning of UA and in no time at all he had finished changing. Being the first to leave Izuku stood by the wall. 'Why am I?...' Groaning he put a hand to his forehead from him. He shouldn't be afraid of Bakugou. He never showed it but he loathed the bastard, his childhood was a living hell because of Bakugou. One for All sparked unconsciously the lightning growing erratic until it stung causing Izuku to grip his wrist from him. 'What?' Gripping harder Izuku felt One for All continue to grow in its power output, but he couldn't control it.

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