A Truth Unveiled

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"What is our next move?"

The air was thick as the U.A staff sat in utter silence, the question that Toshinori had raised going unanswered. Aizawa's eyes scanned the room looking to his fellow heroes. Even he had no answer to Toshinori's question.

"What else is there to do? We find another lead..." Midnight spoke up, her voice carrying itself with a steel edge. Her eyes brimmed with fresh tears yet they were filled with a resolute gaze.

"Another lead? We were lucky to even capture Toga. Besides now it's certain that Red Hood is hunting the league. He openly attacked a police station in order to get to her. The league is going to be on guard they wont make any rash moves. Hell even before Red Hood made an example out of Toga they laid low. What do you think is going to happen now?" Vlad shook his head staring at Nemuri, what he said was anything but a lie.

"We have no other choice Vlad. We put out more patrols, they can't stay hidden forever and if there's a chance we can save Midoriya we have to take it. Aizawa what did Naomasa say?"

Mic turned to Aizawa the man closing his eyes as he recalled what he had been told.


It had been a day after Toga had been taken by the Red Hood. Aizawa sat in Naomasa's office, in the detective's hands a paper rested. "Please tell me you got something from Toga Naomasa."

"Aizawa you and I both know how my quirk is used. To tell if someone is lying they would have to know the truth."

"Naomasa cut the fucking song and dance." He was in no mood to hear anything about this.

"I used my quirk on Toga, during your questioning i heard every word spilled from her mouth. Concerning the league's whereabouts and their plans she told the truth. However regarding the disappearance of Izuku Midoriya..."

"She was lying?" Aizawa's heart jumped for a split second before Naomasa shook his head.

"She was neither lying nor was she telling the truth."

"What does that mean?!" Aizawa stood up grabbing Naomasa's collar.

"She doesn't know."

"She doesn't know if Izuku is dead? How the hell can she not know?!"

"Either she wasn't aware of the league holding Midoriya captive which isn't likely, or Midoriya never died in that warehouse. We've talked about this over and over, there were no remnants of any limbs or a corpse. I put my best forensics teams on the case and nothing. that was when the suspicion that Midoriya's death might have been faked started."

Aizawa listened closely his grip on Naomasa's collar dropping.

"Aizawa, I'm your friend. As of right now you are the only person i will tell this to. Waging war with the drug trade, attacking a police station for a single person. That isn't what we call dedication especially for a vigilante. He was targeting Toga. Of course there are plenty of individuals who would seek revenge against her and the league but going this far..."

"What are you trying to say?"

Naomasa braced himself leaning against his desk, "I..."

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