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Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA X SAO) by Skalkx
Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA Scalax102
This isn't Yaoi, It's Izuku x Asuna cause... Yeah. Adoption of Yui and Eri. He has siblings! Right... forgot about that. Izumi Midoriya is his sister, Toshinori Yagi is...
betray demon king izuku by Arthurpendragon203
betray demon king izukuby Arthur pendragon
izuku have been betray by his class mate because of the fake picture after he save eri from overhul good inko bad might good hisashi(afo) main villain katsuki bakugo s...
Zero to God (Op izuku x momo) by whatifdevil
Zero to God (Op izuku x momo)by what if devil
Life is unfair to izuku yagi who was a happy ordinary kid having loving parents and sister and friends wanting to become hero like his idols All might and Green magneta...
Slugterra: Sling, Slug, and Smash by mhaandn1nt3nd0fan
Slugterra: Sling, Slug, and Smashby Nintendo Mha fan
The final war is over. UA has won. Tomura Shigaraki is no more. All that's left of him is Tenko Shimura. But the adventures of Izuku and Tenko are far from over. Join Iz...
Asriel Dreemurr: The Symbol of Hopes and Dreams by mhaandn1nt3nd0fan
Asriel Dreemurr: The Symbol of Nintendo Mha fan
The war has ended. But the heroes have failed. The plan to save Tomura Shigaraki could not have been put into action as Izuku Midoriya was fatally wounded by All For One...
The Betrayed Chronon Shifter by SpringTrap212332
The Betrayed Chronon Shifterby SpringTrap
Izuku was his mother when the unthinkable happened. With the desire of Vengeance and a Hero's Heart how will Izuku cope? And why has he gotten such... Random abilities? ...
Black Lagoon x MHA by KyleMurphy29
Black Lagoon x MHAby Kyle Murphy
One day Izuku was walking to his work he got kidnapped with a disk that could put his business so the black lagoon came a take it back to their don't know that Izuku can...
Izuku "Doflamingo" Donquixote (Discontinued) by EnricoTorciari
Izuku "Doflamingo" Donquixote ( HENROX
The principal of a certain school uses his political power to call the 10 strongest heroes in Japan to tell them about a project he has that tries to turn the scariest p...
Dekuverse by PokemomMaster
Dekuverseby Pokemom Master
class 1a, the pussycats,kota,eri,class 1b,pro hero teachers mt lady, komooi woods,death arms,endeavor,hawks the todorokis, bakugos, idas, yayorozu and midoriya mum are...
cinnamon roll family by MorganCampbell7
cinnamon roll familyby Morgan Campbell
Izuku Yagi stepson to all-might is a 18 year old boy who finds two adorable children abandoned in a park. he now starts to become a father to the two girls. he also is...
NEON The Hacker Of UA by Ace2378
NEON The Hacker Of UAby AZURA Dracule Vain Midoriya
in a world where 80% of the world's population has a sort of superpower 20% of that population does not this is a story of a boy name izuku midoriya a boy with a heart o...
Izuku Urokodaki: Son of the Water Hashira by anormalboi203
Izuku Urokodaki: Son of the Memelord
[Changed the name because it was too long in my opinion.] On the streets. Poor Izuku Yagi was forced to live on the streets after being kicked out for a stupid reason. A...
The Fallen Hero Deku by Lord_Leveling
The Fallen Hero Dekuby Lord_Leveling
"When I was a kid I used to think that being a hero was good... but now that I have seen the end I see that in order to protect someone or thing you have to be powe...
A Different Deku by Gman33105
A Different Dekuby RinngedEyedDevestation
We all know Izuku Midoriya was formerly quirk-less, we all know he has a hard time controlling One For All, and we all know he has confidence issues. But what if things...
Rain (Adopted) by ThatoneguyMatt
Rain (Adopted)by ThatoneguyMatt
This is an adopted story from @M_Spriggs titled Rain, That I will be adding onto! Quirkless AU One day, as Ochako Uraraka walked back to UA, she found herself caught in...
(Completed)Out Of Sight Out Of Mind by ARC655
(Completed)Out Of Sight Out Of Mindby ARCERET
Izuku is blind. but had a quirk to help him. while on patrol he accidentally kills Shigaraki. now treated like a villian what will happen to out MC
UA Royal by KyleMurphy29
UA Royalby Kyle Murphy
They are 8 countries that are on each side of the main city which has a UA college and other other with house, shops and other thing where as the countries from the main...
The Plus Ultra Wolf-Spider  by SilverWolf2422
The Plus Ultra Wolf-Spider by Wolf-SpiderIzuku
The world isn't easy for those born with weak, villainous quirk, but it's worst for those born without a quirk like one Izuku Midoriya but with the aid of his family and...
deadly spider by DanielMaxwell358
deadly spiderby Daniel Maxwell
after being diagnosed quirkless izuku was sold to otto octavius by his father Hisashi Midoriya at the age of 4 without his mother inko and his twin sister Izumi knowing...
✳The Black Smoke(Izuku x Kuroko MHA fanfic). by Fanficst_animekid
✳The Black Smoke(Izuku x Kuroko Fanficst_animekid
Izuku is 15 years old just like in the anime but he is also more mature.Izuku's quirk is Smoke of Black and it basically gives him all of Smoke's abilities from Mortal K...