The Hooded Vigilante

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A gloved hand pushed the black steel slide of a rifled-bore Jericho 941 with a metallic click. It's chamber loaded with a .45 super round. Both gun and ammunition unregistered and illegal, yet the man holding the sidearm could care less.

A red, glossy full faced helmet, the eyes a pure white giving no indication as to the identity of the man whilst giving off a burning intimidation to those who witnessed it. His attire only served to accentuate the helmet, a brown leather jacket affixed over flexible and tight fitted black plated armor. Said armor covered every vital section of the man's body including both his neck and down to his forearms. Black combat gloves with metal plated knuckles, military pants of the same color fitted to his lower body, feet tucked into a pair of steel toed combat boots.

Everything from the gun in his hand along with the one holstered on his thigh, to the razor sharp knife sheathed on the back of his waist and finally the pouches lining his belt holding an untold amount of items spelt out that whoever this man was he was not to be crossed.

Slowly the man holstered the weapon in his hand strapping the firearm to his side. His gaze from behind the helmet directed at a large building only a block away. Several people were lined up outside as a vibrant neon sign displayed the words 'The Afterlife' a gentleman's club well renowned within the red-light district of Naruhata. The city abandoned by heroes.

"He's here." The man spoke, his voice distorted almost robotic sounding.

Without a second warning the man's body became cloaked in red lightning. From his crouched position his feet dug into the gravel roof before he jumped leaping above several buildings at a speed that caused him to go unseen. It was just a few seconds before the man made his landing, now on the roof of the Afterlife.

When he landed there was no noise, the sound of his impact being reduced to nothing via the dampeners in his boots. Turning on his heel he scanned his surrounds spotting the 5 rooftop guards that were on standby. In their hands were rifles, most likely illegal, though their laziness was easy to see. Many of them had opted to slacking off, speaking absent mindedly to each other.

"Damn, why couldn't we be placed to guard the inside? What crazy bastard is going to go through the roof? Waste of time, we could be getting sucked off by now."

"You really wanna pay some cheap whore to suck you off so you can get diseases?"

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah, yeah i get it. I see what you mean but the boss is the boss."

It was mindless chatter. Taking out his knife the man stood walking behind the first two. Slowly creeping forward the two chatting men. Brandishing the knife in his left hand he reached with his right towards the other's neck. In one swift motion he stabbed the left guard. The blade sliced through the base of the guards skull. In a soundless scream the guard went limp. His partner had not been so lucky either. With a closing fist the man snapped the right guard's neck in an instant. Still having a hold on both corpses he slowly lowered them to the floor before ripping his knife out the guards skull.

With those two done, there was only 3 left. Quickly he dispatched the rest using both his knife and strength to sever their ties to the real world. When everything was said and done the people below were none the wiser. Entering the building through the roof, the man could hear the blaring music of the strip joint. going deeper and deeper in he caught the sight of strippers. All of them women, in their mid twenties, some even younger. He paid them no mind instead he searched through the pulsating shades of purple and pink lights to find his target.

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