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Izuku Yagi The God Of Destruction by EddieNg77
Izuku Yagi The God Of Destructionby Hikigaya Hachiman
*Quirkless* Who knew 1 word could determine 1 man's destiny in more ways than 1? Being born into a family of the Top 2 Pro Heros would definitely lead to an amazing life...
Izuku's Way of the House Husband (IzukuxNemuri)  by Quinns65k
Izuku's Way of the House Husband (...by Quinns65k
Being tired and stressed out from all her work as a Hero as well as a Teacher every single day, Nemuri Kayama or professionally known as 'Midnight' still has something t...
MHA: Masterpiece [Izukuxharem] by Karen_Tendo09
MHA: Masterpiece [Izukuxharem]by Karen_Tendo09
I'm not good with descriptions! Izukuxharem
Black Bolt Guardian of Mustafu by qwretthgddsvdf
Black Bolt Guardian of Mustafuby qwretthgddsvdf
Ever since he saw All Might Izuku wanted nothing more than to be a shining Symbol of Peace, however after gaining a powerful Quirk he realised that it is better to be a...
¿que soy feo? by leo4987
¿que soy feo?by leo4987
la chicas hacen una tabla de el chico mas guapo pero izuku:estoy ultimo que ara nuestro peliverde
The Amazing Spider-Deku (UP FOR ADOPTION) by Spider-King95
The Amazing Spider-Deku (UP FOR AD...by Spider-King95
I've been wondering what would happen if Izuku was born with the Spider Powers. So this happened.
The Fire Fox Izuku by GoodStoryBoy
The Fire Fox Izukuby GoodStoryBoy
Izuku Midoriya was born with weird colored hair compared to his mother and father's, his hair was always orange. He had red slit eyes that seemed to glow in darkness. Do...
The Demon child by aged_Naveda
The Demon childby O-writes
I'm bad so yeah... Izuku has something that people are scared so they tried to kill him but fail. Now what is he going to do.
Midnight love  by bluefast13
Midnight love by bluefast13
This is yandere midnight read to find out more
The Quirkless Revolution by Idcyfd
The Quirkless Revolutionby Bruno Giovanna
In this story Izuku does have a quirk but it can't really be noticed unless the user himself reveals it.. The World where quirk play major part in social rankings of a p...
Izuku the Slave of UA by RSK12321
Izuku the Slave of UAby RS the K
Izuku is a male in a world where girls are entitled and have quirks while male do not this did not stop him for wanting to become a hero which he was berated for by his...
MHA : IZUKU THE SUPPORT HERO  by blackopsnumbr
In this story izuku will be quirkless (Until a Certain Point) and will go into the support course (Kinda)
MHA: Rain [IzukuxNemuri] by Ms_Karen09
MHA: Rain [IzukuxNemuri]by Ms_Karen09
I hope all of my romance-lover senpais enjoy this. The [MHA] series will contain scenes that I hope would take you on a ride filled with heart fluttering scenarios betwe...