Reignited Rage

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It was loud and it was bright. A single explosion of blue flame consumed the video as the feed cut out entirely. There was no sound... no visual... nothing just a still black screen. The heroes had yet to say a word their minds processing what they had just seen. Seconds passed until Nemuri opened her mouth tears threatening to fall.

"I...Izuku? W-wha... No... No!" Her pained scream reverberated throughout the room as she dropped to her knees. Her hands gripped her hair tightly, face twisting in anguish.

Aizawa blinked he seemed shell-shocked having seen his student die. "This... can't be..." he put a hand to his head feeling faint. He stumbled banging his hip into the desk. He'd seen death before but this... He wanted to cry, to yell but he couldn't. "Nezu...?"

The principal sat still before he rapidly started typing on his computer. The rat seemed frantic as he shouted out to the heroes, "Everyone focus! I'm tracing the video's location! You all need to calm yourself!"

Aizawa shook his head trying to clear his mind, he had to find Izuku and he couldn't do it like this. It was with that in mind that he became aware of the situation once more. Nemuri however couldn't snap out of her despair. Seeing Izuku's torture and execution was just too much for the hero. She couldn't focus, she knew she had a job to do but her mind kept racing back to Izuku. His smile, his presence, and then how broken he was, how he yelled in anger, and how his last moments were him next to Inko's dead body. "No... please... Izuku... Izuku..." She could only break down in front of her colleagues.

"I've got a location! Police, firefighters, and paramedics have already begun making their way there!"

"Where is it?!" Aizawa looked at the principal, any second he wasn't told was a second wasted.

"It's Naruhata in the abandoned district near the outskirts!"

Aizawa knew the place like the back of his hand having been there in his past. It made perfect sense. There were a lot of abandoned buildings and not very many people lived there other than vagrants and villains. He cursed himself for not checking the place more thoroughly when Izuku was missing but he couldn't think about that now. Grabbing a chair he bashed it against the window shattering the glass before he jumped out.

"Snipe! Hound Dog, follow after Aizawa and make sure you find Midoriya!"


"Move!" Aizawa pushed past the police line that formed in front of him, his face filled with panic when he saw the collapsed warehouse. The fire had been mostly put out but that didn't serve to provide any comfort. Rushing to the collapsed parts he pushed and lifted whatever rubble was in the way. "Izuku! Izuku!" He yelled out his student's name in the hope that the boy would respond but he got nothing other than silence. He lifted pieces until he came across a body. Freezing he quickly inspected the body, it was obviously female meaning that Izuku was still somewhere around here. 'Mrs. Midoriya...' He would mourn her death and his failure later for now he pushed on.

He moved from section to section but he failed to find any clue there wasn't any blood or clothing left. But the absence of such evidence didn't mean that everything was fine. Izuku was hurt and died or potentially he was still taken captive by the league. The unknown brought forth a well of anger. "Hound Dog! Can you track Midoriya's sent?! The league's?!"

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