Death of a Hero

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Aizawa stood by the gates of U.A. His posture showed an ungodly amount of restlessness, his foot tapped on the ground and he checked the time on his phone constantly. The night was rapidly approaching and Izuku had yet to return to campus. While he did say he could visit his mother, that didn't mean he could stay there, and he was sure Izuku knew this.

So why hasn't he returned? He didn't think it odd until Midnight had come to him saying that Izuku had been late to pick up Eri. That itself wasn't alarming and perhaps after the argument with All Might, he just didn't want to come back. Aizawa couldn't shake this feeling that something was wrong. "Is he still not here?"

Aizawa looked over his shoulder seeing Snipe walking toward him. "No. Something isn't right." Aizawa shook his head he just couldn't leave this alone.

"Aizawa don't ya reckon he rather be with his mother than his classmates?"

"I'd understand if that was the case but I..." Aizawa just couldn't wrap his head around why he had a pit formed in his stomach. "I'm going to the Midoriya's and bringing him back." Aizawa left before he could hear Snipe's response. Though the situation didn't warrant it he sprinted towards the Midoriya household. He didn't know why but he had to hurry, something within the fiber of his legs told him so. He sprinted, leaped across rooftops, and weaved through people on the sidewalk trying to shorten the distance as fast as he could.

He hated how loud his heart thumped and he hated the deafening silence of uncertainty. It took around 15 minutes by Aizawa's count to reach Inko's apartment complex. Jumping over the gate he ran to the third floor of the second complex. He had memorized the apartment number like it was his own. To him, it wasn't odd to do as Izuku had the habit of appearing in the hospital. Still, that knowledge came in handy as he arrived at the door. Ringing the doorbell and knocking loudly he waited for a response only to get nothing. He tried several times before he yelled, "Mrs. Midoriya! It's Shota Aizawa, Izuku's homeroom teacher please open the door!"

Clicking his teeth he knocked again before he made a split-second decision. turning the knob he pushed open the door only to pause. Immediately his guard went up and he fixed his goggles over his eyes. The apartment was a mess and blood littered the floor. "Izuku! Mrs. Midoriya!" Stepping inside he kept his wits about him. He searched the apartment up and down, he left nothing to the imagination but what turned up was nothing. No sign of Izuku or Inko. Aizawa ran a hand through his hair as he returned to the main living room. 'If Izuku fought back there would have been a bigger struggle. If he didn't then that means he was ambushed.' He tried to make sense of the situation and desperately tried to not panic. As he was trying to figure out what happened a tiny glint caught his attention. The moonlight that shined through the partially opened blinds shined on a small object. Quickly he reached his hand grabbing a small syringe.

The smell that wafted in the air told him all he needed to know. 'Drugs.' Aizawa shook his head before he dug into his pocket pulling out his cellphone. Quickly he failed Nezu's number which picked up after a few rings. "Nezu I need you to mobilize all available staff and police. Midoriya and his mother have been kidnapped. Their apartment is trashed and I suspect Midoriya was drugged."

He ended the call before he heard a word back, putting the syringe down he quickly left the apartment rushing out towards the streets. 'Hold on problem child! I'm bringing you home!'


'Where... who?' "Urgh!" Izuku's head pounded, and his body felt sluggish and unresponsive. He couldn't focus, his thoughts were all jumbled up even his internal questioning failed to grasp his situation. His vision was dark and he could only hear small subdued muffles. As far as Izuku could tell he was sitting down but he couldn't move his wrists nor could he even activate his quirk.

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