Chapter 2

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"How come you're late today? Everyone's here already." Jihyo asked when Y/N walked into the police station.

"I'm not late. I'm right on time." Y/N defended.

"It's just that usually you're the first one here, so we're not used to you being the last." Mingyu smiled. Jihyo and Mingyu work in the same team as Y/N and they're also close friends of hers. Y/N is actually the youngest of the team while Jihyo and Mingyu are a year older than her. The team consists of six people and they're the only ones in their twenties. The other three consist of the team leader who's middle aged. And then two other men, one also middle aged and the other in his thirties.

"Tzuyu and Dahyun kept me up until like 4am." Y/N sighed and sat down at her desk. "Anything happened today?"

"Well, a robbery happened in a clothing store at the mall nearby. Our sunbaenims went to check it out." Jihyo answered.

"There are a lot of robberies happening lately.I don't have a too good feeling about this." Y/N sighed.

"Yeah, it seems like it's the same people doing it every single time." Mingyu added.

"Sunbaenim, I need someone from your team to join me to that place where drugs were found." Minji, a cop from another department approached Y/N's team leader. 

"Oh yeah, your team leader had told me about it. Y/N and Mingyu, you two go join them." Hearing this, Y/N, Mingyu and Jihyo looked up with raised eyebrows.

"W-what? Why do we have to go? It's a case with drugs." Y/N tried to argument. Their team doesn't deal with drug cases, the other team does. 

"There was also a robbery so it's also a concern for our team. Stop asking questions and just go, you two." The man demanded and Y/N and Mingyu stood up.

"You'll be fine." Jihyo whispered to Y/N and Y/N just sighed in defeat while she and Mingyu followed Minji outside.

"Get in the car. It's about a 15 minute drive." Minji informed them and they did as they were told. Minji sat in the drivers seat with Mingyu next to her in the passenger seat, while Y/N sat in the back.

"Let me explain to you what happened before we get there. We got a call yesterday from a man that a robbery was taking place in his apartment building. He told us that he saw two men covered in all black breaking in in his neighbours apartment and they took quite some stuff with them. We went there immediately and when we searched the place we found some amount of drugs. We arrested the owner of the apartment. Turns out that that there were more drugs in that apartment and the robbers took a huge amount with them. However there are many things sketchy about this case, that's why my team leader asked yours for help." 

"Why would someone have that many drugs at the place where he lives?" Mingyu questioned. "What amount of drugs are we talking about?"

"According to the owner, he had about 20kg of cocaine in his apartment. The robbers took most of them."

"And why would the owner tell us the truth about it?" Y/N furrowed her eyebrows. Why would the man admit to having that much drugs in his apartment? It's basically turning himself in.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out as well." Minji sighed as she parked the car. "We're here." She told them and the three got out of the car and walked into the apartment.

"We didn't touch anything and left everything as it was left by the robbers."

Y/N and Mingyu started to look around. The place was a mess but one thing was clearly visible and that were the drugs on the table. There was cocaine and different kinds of pills all over the table.

"Why would they leave it on the table like this instead of taking everything?" Mingyu asked as he looked closer at the table.

"It seems like they left some on purpose. My guess is that these people wanted the owner to get caught but at the same time they wanted to make money." Minji guessed.

"Did they take anything else besides the drugs?" Y/N asked without looking at Minji. 

"They took some cash money about 500.000 won but other than that, they didn't take anything."

"Oh I have to take this call, I'll be right back." Mingyu said when his phone started ringing. He smiled weakly and went out of the apartment.

"Did you question the owner?" Y/N asked Minji, once again not looking at her.

"We did but many of the things he said just don't add up. We will question him again today." 

"How about the neighbour? Anything weird about him?" 

"Not really. We questioned all the neighbours and they did say that they saw sketchy people going in and out of the apartment building multiple times. Looking at the CCTV we could confirm that they were all coming to this apartment. It seems like it isn't the first time that his drugs were stolen." Minji explained.

"There's definitely something weird going on." Y/N sighed as she kept looking around the place in the hope to find something crucial.

"Y/N..." Minji said softly which made Y/N look up at her instantly. Y/N hasn't heard Minji say her name in quite a long time. "Can you at least look at me when you ask me something?" 

"What do you mean?"

"Every time we're assigned to work together you act as if I'm not even there. I thought we had agreed to stay professional when at work."

"I am being professional." Y/N simply answered.

"If this is your definition of being professional then fine." In all honesty Minji is just a bit hurt by Y/N speaking to her without even looking at her. 

"I'm back. Just got a call from Kangmin sunbaenim, they found some crucial evidence about this case. He told us to keep looking around to see if we can find something and then go back to the station." Mingyu informed them. The three looked around for about an hour and they did find some things that will definitely add something to their investigation. 

"I think it's time for us to go back. I'll be waiting in the car." Minji informed and left the apartment.

"Aren't you two being too awkward around each other? It really shows that something's going on between you two. You're lucky that no one is questioning anything." Mingyu asked Y/N.

"It's not easy to be around her."

"I can see that, but it's been what six months? Shouldn't it get better?"

"I doesn't." Y/N simply answered and went out of the apartment as well. She hates to talk about this subject. 


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