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Roommate || hyunlix by yana_hyunlix
Roommate || hyunlixby 𝐾𝑖𝑚 𝑌𝑎𝑛𝑎
THE LAST TIME I CHECKED THIS LIL SHT HAD 90K READS NOW OVER 300K??? WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING????? ⚠️ Please keep in mind that this is my first ever story that i wrote in Eng...
New Days (A Blackpink x Dreamcatcher Fanfic) by GxGstan
New Days (A Blackpink x Dreamcatch...by Marv
What if.. Dreamcatcher Company was acquired by YG Ent.? This is in a perfect world setting so don't expect a complicated story and angst. English is not my mother tong...
JiU Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
JiU Imagines (gxg)by Kaylee♡
highly requested 💓 Female Reader Imagines with JiU of dreamcatcher 🥰 Requests are open but please remember that I don't write smut or personal imagines. Anything else...
Love and Fame (BTS + Dreamcatcher fanfic) by AKX_SVA
Love and Fame (BTS + Dreamcatcher...by
What happens when Kim Taehyung, a member of the most famous K-pop group ever starts a forbidden relation with Kim Yoohyeon, an idol from the little-known group Dreamcatc...
Moments Inbetween (the kpops drabbles/social media/imagines) by Andrethelegend27
Moments Inbetween (the kpops drabb...by APLegend27 (semi-ia)
Short drabbles and moments inbetween based on some of my stories (ranging from the kpops (more specifically an upcoming xxx (?)) and Sakura book) (Picture credits (basic...
Different World // Nayeon X reader by WritingRey
Different World // Nayeon X readerby Rey
Park Y/N is a 25 year old cop. She lives with her two friends Dahyun and Tzuyu and takes her job seriously. One day her friends set her up on a blind date with Nayeon an...
ₗₒᵥₑ ₒf ₘy ₗᵢfₑ || ₐ Dᵣₑₐₘcₐₜcₕₑᵣ Fₐₙfᵢc { ⱼᵢYₒₒ ₍Bₒₒₖ ₁₎ } by Yoohyeon_Namu
ₗₒᵥₑ ₒf ₘy ₗᵢfₑ || ₐ Dᵣₑₐₘcₐₜcₕₑᵣ...by Yoohyeon_Namu
Yoohyeon is a lonely person. She isn't talking to many people and she doesn't have many friends. She doesn't trust people and she doesn't trust love. She works in her fa...
Dreamcatcher on Crack by ChuuvesRichLesbians
Nothing serious. Just Dreamcatcher on crack.
Blood in the Water | A Loona x Dreamcatcher story by ChuuvesRichLesbians
Blood in the Water | A Loona x Dre...by DREAMCATCHER SUPREMACIST
Vampires, werewolves and humans, 3 totally different groups, living in the same city. Do they get along? Absolutely not. They are at war. And while some are fighting for...
Cancer(MiShu) by Amira_Yurina
Cancer(MiShu)by MinJiYoo
Cho Miyeon is a college student and Minnie's best friend.She have a crush on a beautiful girl named Yeh Shuhua,but sadly,Shuhua did not like Miyeon,she love Soojin a lot...
The Mannequin (Jiyoo) by Neonlightsonmyface
The Mannequin (Jiyoo)by Neonlightsonmyface
Minji has been lonely and depressed for a long time. Until she's supposed to get rid of an old mannequin that turns into a human overnight.
Slide Thru | Jiyoo by flower-power7
Slide Thru | Jiyooby flower-power7
Yoohyeon accidentally hit send and sent a long ass DM to her long time crush, Kim Minji. What she didn't know is that, Minji is a renowned heartbreaker to the people she...
Wonderland #01 by thegraysky_
Wonderland #01by sky
JiU a gang leader ish, born for revenge Yoohyeon, her gang member she recruited when she was little. I will be updating every Friday :) Highest ranking: #01 Jiyoo #03...
Welcome To The Nightmare (Book 2) by Jizou_wp21
Welcome To The Nightmare (Book 2)by AnneQistina
A fanfic of Dreamcatcher (Book cover was made by knartdreamart) Violence and graphic content!! 18 above only. This is the continuation of The Beginning of The End (Book...
Miss Actress (Chaeyoung x Fem reader) by multistan_bear
Miss Actress (Chaeyoung x Fem read...by multistan_bear
You are one of the most famous model and actress in Korea and you are friends with Somi and one day she said that a friend of hers was a fan of your's and that wanted to...
Forced marrige {SuaYeon} •completed• by marinasprotector
Forced marrige {SuaYeon} •complete...by station19obsessed
Hello,this is SuaYeon fan fiction.I wont talk too much here because there will be prologue to meet the characters. Highest ranks 1#Jiu 1#Gadong 1# Dodaeng 1# Kpopgay 1#...
Jazz Bar | Suayeon  by hopelessarte
Jazz Bar | Suayeon by | ̶̶Y̶̶̶̶v̶̶̶̶e̶̶̶̶s|
*********** -----> Manager, can you go and buy me some milkshake? please ? *********** -----> I'm sorry but you must have texted the wrong number since I am not...
Dreamcatcher on crack by ChuuvesRichLesbians
Dreamcatcher on crackby DREAMCATCHER SUPREMACIST
Therapy : Expensive Dreamcatcher content : Free
California girl | Jiyoo by ChuuvesRichLesbians
California girl | Jiyooby DREAMCATCHER SUPREMACIST
Where Kim Yoohyeon moves from LA to Busan and meets Kim Minji. Will they be friends? Enemies? Or will they fall in love?