There Is Nothing I do Better Than SWEET REVENGE

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"Lilith!!!! Just for once can you stop being stupid?” Dearest mom shouted at me, Note the sarcasm!! I'll have you know, I'm smarter than they are. 

 "I-I-I'm Sorry" With my head bow

 "Lilith!" She said my name like I'm some dirt

 "Y-Y-Yes" I answered stuttering

 "From now on do all the chores" She said with a scowl on a face

 "Yes" I answered

 Stopping my tears while running upstairs, Reaching a wooden door I opened it and when inside locking the door. Making sure it's locked, I cried myself to sleep with only one thing in my mind.

 I would never cry over to those bitches.


Next Morning

Looking in my full length mirror, I must say I look like a mess,

My eyes are red with eye bugs my lips are swollen, if you're asking how my lips are swollen.... I don't know, my hair is sticking out in every direction

Going to the bathroom, Turning the tub on making sure my tub is full, I slip my feet on letting the cold muscle attack me, Relaxing my tensed muscle,

I closed my eyes re-thinking everything,

My parents hated me, yes... My own flesh and blood I have a sister but at least she is still kind, they hate me but at least they still pay my school and my food even my room they kept it, I'm lucky for that

Even though they don't abused me like the others, They said that people will noticed so they didn't, But when I hit my puberty when I turned 14 my dad started raping me secretly without my mother, Saying if I say a word he'll kicked me out of the house. The first time he did was my mom out of town with my sister with her, When I got home from sc-.............Let’s not go to that.

After doing all the stuff I needed I went out and cook for them, fixing myself getting ready for school, I need to go early It’s a long walk from school, Grabbing a biscuit and apple with a key in hand to my car, You see, Even if they hate me they still brought me car so no one will look down on them, There rich,

Getting ready while biting my apple while starting the car, "I'm Ready' I mumbled,


A/N) Guys this is when she still leaves in their house not in the pack house, The pack house is next chapter

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