Chapter 17

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Watching everyone waving to the left pack , 

"Good Bye Lilith" I muttered, 

"Okay evereyone It's time to get serious, They might be attacking soon" and soon that very one prepared after 3 days they finally attacked and after a long war we finally won..


It's been a month since the war and we have been keeping in contact with the other pack.

Right now I'm in a cafe, Everything have been going smoothly for everyo are, They have been getting along with everyone well, 

And as I was about to drink my coffee, I smelled the most fascinating scent and begin to find the source of  smell and found the girl with the most gorgeous blue eyes,staring at me and soon she broke her eye contack and contiue writing in her small notebook

As I moved forward I instantly noticed she was a rouge. 

"What may a lovely rouge doing here" I asked her, She looked at me.

"Oh- I'm sorry- I'll be going soon, Please f-f-orgive me" She said while standing up,

"No, Stay here" I told her, Catching her arm and feeling the spark explode, she looked at me and and I smirked while she blushed. She sat down

"Since you might as well be here do you want to stay here and get to know each other well?, and join our pack?" I ask here 

"If, it's okay" She said shyly,

And we got to know each other, Turns out she was traveling around the world writing each thing she thought that was good to paint, and as you know she is a painter, 

Her name by the way is Carla 

And sooner or later she agrred to join the pack since she finally found her mate ;) 

I introuduce her to the pack and suprisingly she got along well with everyone. 

Just thinking could life get any better? Suprisingly yes!


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