Chapter 5

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"Your gonna what???!!!" Everyone says shocked

"Yeah, You all of you are gonna train me" I said calmly

"Why.....Never mind, I can't wait!!!" Sam says

I just met Sam yesterday, Yes, after a lot of convincing of Dean

"Yeah, Dude, after I trained, I'm gonna beat ya'" I said proudly to Sam

"Pshhh As if" I snorted

"Hey guys, what am I missing," Dean asked coming from behind me while snaking his arms around me

"Wait, Wait!!!! What happened?" Cassy asked with Shawn at her back, They are mates you see!!

"Lilith has only been here for three day and you guys are what together now? How did that happen" Lilith ask in disbelief

"Well, She is my mate, and she is the one and only legendary white wolf the prophecy is talking about according to Wendy and we.....Are going to train them wolf,human, guns and other weapons" Dean explained proudly

"You might probably want to sleep now cuz, later we are gonna train the hell out of both of you" Warned by Sam, 

Since that day on I knew I was into some major training to do


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