Chapter 7

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"LILITHHHH!!!!! Where the hell are you????" Ahhh, That's the sound I want to hear

You see I'm hiding under the bed right now, I put pink hair dye on Kyle's favorite shampoo, I met Kyle a month after I move in the pack he was out because he was on vacation with his mate, Cynthia, Her name looks graceful but she is talkative as hell, As soon as I met them we became bestfriend immediately,,

"I know you are hiding in here Li" He said with evil glint in his voice, Oh, Oh,

"Ha!! Found you"

"No, No, Please No, I'm too young too die" I pleaded jokingly

"You mess with a wrong man" He said evil glint in his voice

In the blink of an eye I ran as fast as I can towards the backyard where I found everyone laughing their heads off, I ran to Dean.

"Hide me De!!" I said using the nickname I made

"You are so gonna get it"

Suddenly I was lifted off the ground,

"Put me down, Put me down,KYLE!!!!" I shouted

"Jeezzz No need to shout woman" He complained

"De!!!! Help me" I whined

" No can do, Sweet pie" He smirked, I rolled my eyes

"KYLE, PUT ME DOWNNNN!!!!" I shout

"Sure thing" He smirked Oh no

"No,No, No,"

I pulled him with me getting wet together, I stuck my tounge out at him

I went out of the pool and quickly push them off one by one

"Hahahahahahaha!!!! You should've seen your face.......priceless" I laughed

They all turned to glare at me

"LILITHH!!!!" They all said in unison, going after me, I stuck my tounge at them

"You can't catch me slow pokes" I provoked them while using my air element to improved my speed

"No fair" They all whined

"Girls let's take a shower and let's go shopping" I announced

"Yay!!!" The girls cheered

"Any boys wanna come?" I ask with evil glint in my eyes

"No,No" They said immediatly

"Where's De?" I ask

"He went to his office awhile ago while you were running" Sam answered me, I nodded

I went upstairs to take a shower,

I wore a short that is until your stomach and a shirt tucked inside the short that has the flag of UK I paired with flats and curl my hair, I knew if I'm gonna go shopping with the girls that would be extreme.

I went to Dean's office, I knocked, "Come In" I opened the door with a very stressed looking Dean

"Hey!! What's wrong?" I ask worried

"Nothing" He assured me nut I can tell he is lying

"Okay" I said still unconvinced "I'm going shopping with the girls"

"Just be careful" He said putting his face between my shoulder and neck, Kissing my Mark, Yup, That's right, I told him to mark me last year as his birthday present, I let out a moan

" Let's continue this later babe, I have to go" I said seductively teasing him

"Stop teasing me,woman, or I won't let you go" He smirked, I winked at him

"Our life is turned going great since we left them and I am totally not regretting it" She said

"I know"' I know agreeing with her

I went out and got into my Lamborghini , Silver, It was my gift last year



4 years since she left, The last time my wolf talk to me and I least don't care,

"Babe?" I heard a high pitched voice, God she is so annoying


"Let's go somewhere" She suggested seductively

"Not now babe, I still have to fix a rouge problem"

"Come on, I missed you" She whined

"No" I said with alpha tone, she nodded walking out of the room

I still have to call the pack to help us train and with the rogue, I heard they have a great Fighter

I just hope this goes well



Guess what pack??? Yup, you guess that right

Sorry late update

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