Chapter 12

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Right now I'm following Lilith and Alpha Dean, They stopped and they talked about something and Dean giving Lilith a kiss and went back to their pack house, Lilith's back is still facing me

"May I help you with something?" Lilith asked her back still facing me, Her voice strong and clear, no longer the stuttering and scared Lilith

"Oh-Uh- Can we talk?" I stutter

"Let's go" She said I followed her until we reached  the meadow

"Do you need anything,John?" She said, turning around to face me, Shocked by her cold expression

"Let's sit down" I told her, She sat down, "What do you want?" She said coldness clear in her voice

I kneel before her

"Lilith,Forgive me, I'm sorry, really really sorry,,please forgive me, I would do anything to make it up to you, I swear," Tears streaming my face, Her face soften

"John......I don't really know, You tortured me and left me all alone, You were never there when I needed you, How can I" She told me

"I'll do anything" I pleaded

"Fine, I forgive you!!, But......You have to earn my trust first" Then she walked away, Going to thother direction

"Lilith" I called after her, "That's not the they way to your pack house" I told her

"I know, I'm not an idiot" She told me and continue walking, I went to the other direction



"I know, I'm not an idiot" I told him and walk away, You probably wondering were I am going, I'm going to the lake, I'm gonna practice my elements, 

I look every where to see if anyone is here and shifted in to my wolf, runnning gracefully on the woods'

"Li where are you?" Dean asked worried through the link

"I'm going to the lake" I replied, Then I block him

I reached the lake and look around to see around if anyone is here, When I figured no one is here, I started practicing

I stand in front of the lake and started on practicing on making a iceball

I closed my eyes and put my hand up and concentrated on the waterball and the wind, mixing it and failed, I did it lots of times until I perfected it

Since its hot I decided to call fort the rain

"Rain, I call fort, Release the water from the above, Under the command of your Mistress", I concetrated on the wind to cover me from geeting wet, Suddenly the rain fell down, If you are asking about the mistress part, I'm the mistress for the elements and the white wolf

"Li, Are you okay, It started raining are you alright?" Dean asked through the pack link

"Yup,"I said cheerfully

Then I started walking back to the pack house floating hehehe, Using the air surrounding me



After I started walking, As soon as I was close to the pack house, I bumped into someone spark flying everywhere,

I look down to see the most beautful girl, 

"I'm sorry," I said taking my hand out

"It's okay" She smiled at me, God!! She is so beautiful, She took my hand out and sparks flying everywhere

"Mate" We both whispered

Suddenly the rain fell down and we smiled at each other and kiss each other

I shouted "i FINALLY FOUND MY MATE" She laughed at me, That laugh is so beautiful like an angel

"My name is John, Beta of the Cresent Moon Pack" I introuduced

"Anne, From the Dark Flare Pack" She said

"You wanna go up my room and get to know each other, I told her

"Sure" I got her hand and let her follow me through the pack house



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