Chapter 18

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"Mommy, Mommy! Wake upppp!!!" My little boy waking me up, Yup! You heard me right,

2 months after we left the other pack we found out I was pregnant and let's just say I was scared, I meant I wasn't really ready yet but we got through it and after a week I found out I was pregnant Dean propsed to me

*Flash Back*

Lilith!! Let's go to the mall, Everyone barged in while I was watching a movie eating lots of chocolate while waiting for Dean.

"Okayy.... Let me tell Dean," I told them

"Oh no! Don't worry we already told Dean"  Sam said 

"You sure?" I ask suspiciously 

"Yes! Now Let's go" Hannah said and dragged me out as in litterally dragged me

Now let's skip everything, 

I feel asleep in the car and I never knew they blindfolded me and woke me up 

"Hey, hey! Why is it dark?" I ask 

"Just stay there for a while" Cassy commanded me 


"Just stay still"

So they began everything and I never cared I was busy listening to music so I never heard them,

But when they took the headphones of they said "When you heard the door closed, You can take of the blindfold"  Hannah said

and so I did and when I opened my eyes I was standing in the mirror with a table in it and with a paper so beautiful with all kinds of flower

The paper led me to a room and same with each other place until I reach the backyard with a flower going inside the forest and so I followed it 

When I get there the place where I go to has a big tree and and pond, A flowe fell with a paper in it, I looked up I didn't know where it came from so I just read the paper, The paper said "Stand in front of the big tree so I did and soon later flower petals where falling down and someone jumped with a box in front and it was Dean

"Lilith.....From the moment I met you I already knew you were the one and I promise you I will always love you and care for you foreever (Sorry I didn't know what to say) So I'll say it, Lilith I love you will you marry me and carry my kids?"

And so I said yes!


And so 2 month later we got married and had my child and life went peaceful. Hannah got married to Joshua and had a daughter a year after and Cassy is engaged to Shawn, 

And I got invited to John's wedding with his mate and met with Raymond's mate and turns out she was pregnant and I congrats her and wish them the best, same as with my brother 



And the book is finished thank you for reading and I'll miss you guys! Though I might have many book but I'm to lazy to write and by the way I'm a lazy person, Bye-Bye, Let's meet again

Oh and I hope it wasn't a crappy ending :) 

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