Chapter 4

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After I send Ken out to bring Lilith in her room, Oh I can't stop thinking about those unusual purple eyes with little gold flecks in them

"When Ken comes back where gonna talk about this with the whole pack, While I'm sure she is sleeping whether or not she would join the pack, clear?" I said to all the people in the office

"Yes Alpha" They all said in unison

"Ken after you bring her to the room make sure she is sleeping then come back here" I commanded true the pack link

"Yeah, Dean"

After a minute or more he came back, 

"Pack Meeting Now" I commanded

Now we were all gathered in the backyard , All pack lok at us in confusion

"All of you must know now that we brought home a rougue"

There were lots of 'Yeah' from them

"All of you must know that she was treated horribly by her former pack" I stopped

"If you want her to join the pack raised your hands, but Don't do these only for pity, Treat her normally" I continued

All of them raised there hands, Some where even shouting "She look kind, Poor girl"

"Okay she will will be joining the pack, Dismissed" 

Then people scattered around

----------------------------------------LILITH P.O.V----------------------------------------------------------------------------

I woken up by Joshua

"Rise and Shine, Dean wants to talk to you" He said, I nodded

While following Joshua, I bumped in to some girl

"Oww.....Oh Sorry, You must be the new girl am I right?" The stranger ask

" Yes, How do you know?" I asked

"Well-" She was cut off by Joshua

"Sorry ladies, but Alpha is waiting" 

"Oh Okay, I'm Cassy by the way" She smile at me warmly

"Lilith" Smiling "But I got to go,Talk to you later Cassy" I said waving at her


I continued walking still following Joshua, He suddenly stop causing me to bump into him "Oof" 

He let out a chuckle

He knocked

"Come in" Dean said

"Hey Dean"

"Hey Lilith

"Why do you want me here" I ask confused

"Well We decided to join you in the pack" He said brightly

"Your not kidding" I asked in disbelief, He shook his head, I let out a squeal

"Oh, Thank you, Thank you" I hug him, but jumped in suprised with the sparks flew out

I look at him confused and he look suprised

"Wait what the hell just happend" I asked my wolf confused

"He might be our second chance mate" She said happily

Before I could even think about it, I was crushed into tight hug

"I knew it was you, I finally found you" He said

"Wait, What?!?!?!?!, Don't you have a mate?" I asked confused

"Well Yeah, She died" He replied sadly

"I'm sorry" I replied sadly

"Its okay, I know she is happy now" He said

"So....Do you accept me?" I asked afraid

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" He asked mad

"Well....Because, I'm ugly, pathenic, and weak, Why would you want me?"  He looked mad

"Lilith, Never put down on yourself like that your beautiful in every way" He said sweetly



"Will you train me?" I asked hopeful

"Why, Would you want to?"

"Because..... So that I won't be useless, I wanna train all my wolf and elements also" I reasoned

"Oh...Okay.....Wait....What?!?!?!?!?! What do you mean elements?" He asked,


"Well, I'll let Wendy come up and she will explain everything to you" I felt Wendy come up

"Hey!! I'm Wendy, Lilith's wolf, As you can see she is the legendary white wolf" I can see Dean nodding and his eyes widening, 


"Yes 'its true, We control all elements so please train us?" She asked, 

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