Chapter 15

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"Hey Guys!, have you seen Dean?" I ask them

"Nope, I think he's in the woods" Ken replied

"Okay, Thanks" I went out in search of Dean, When I saw him, He was in the lake. I went to him

"Hey, DeDe, What are you doing here?" I ask

"Nothing" He told me, Pecking me on the lips "Just relaxing" He said

"Okay," I stood up and walked backwards,little did he know that I am forming a waterball at the back of my hands, Hohoho

I throwed it to him

"Hahahahaha You......Should........h-have seen your......face" I told him between my laughter

He look shocked at first and regain composure


"Run" I shouted

"Too late" He said, He carried me over his shoulder 

"Dean Put me downnnnn" I said, He chuckled

"Sure," I smirked and pull him down with me

I stuck out my tounge at him

"Oh Don't tease me like that Missy," I smirked and and winked at him

He kissed me and soon turned into a full-blown make-out

Soon later we were out of the water with out any clothes on

He kissed me until my neck sucking the mark earning me a moan, he smirked


When we finished We were breathless as always he is the best

"As always your the best" I informed him

"Also you m'lady, You were and always be beautiful" He told me, Isn't he sweet?

"De, How much time do we have to stay here?" I ask him

" 3 more weeks muchie!" He peck my lips

We stood up and went to the pack house hand in hand



I will ask for her forgiveness after the traning tomorrow 

"yeah you better" My wolf told me I ignored him

#The Next Day#

Were standing infront of her giving orders 

"Run in 10 laps, 100 pushups, 50 sit ups, then battle in human form with the other pack and then wolf form" She commanded, Oh she's so beautiful....

"And why would we follow you?" Brittany ask, Her faced turned to a look of disgust

"Well, I wouldn't train you and let you die if, i was just forced to" She said, "Now get back to work" 

"No" Brittany argued, Her faced turned into a smirk 

"Well see about that" Suddenly Brittany was floating without no one touching her and, Lilith was floating comfortably and has a lighting ball on her hand

"If you don't train, I would have the pleasure to hit you with this" She told her venom dripping in her words, Her eyes are pure red

i look at Dean and he was smirking

"Aren't you gonna do something about that?" I asked Dean

"Well,If her eyes are pure red, We can't do anything, Someone might get hit" He informed

She started doing training and the first one to finished and while everyone was training she suddenly had a waterball on her hand and was playing with it, 

Joshua, Dean's beta, started challenging her and gladly accepted. now everone was circled and they started fighting,they were fast, And until Lilith won, She stuck her out

"Guess I win this time" She told hom proudly

Before I know it the training is finished, She's with Dean laughing so carefree and Dean staring lovingly at her, their feelings are mutual

I sighed, I walked up to her

"Lilith, Can  we talk? She turned her head to me, shcoked and turned into a cold expression

Ouch! She really hates me

"Okay" She whispered something to Dean which I growled at she rolled her eyes

Dean nodded and gave a warning glare

"Shoot" She commanded

"Look, Lilith, I'm so so so sorry for what happend before I was just stubborn that care for the pack and popularity, but I love you, Please forgive me?"

"Raymond" Oh her voice is so beautiful " I forgive you, but I'm not going to go back with you im forever with Dean and I love him, I loved you before, We can be friends and someday you'll find your second mate and I suggest don't reject her, I may forgive u but that doesn't mean I trust u" She smile at me 

"Friends?" She offered me her hand

"Friends" I smiled at her

Then she went back

"I just hope your right" I mumbled



"Good Luck Raymond, I hope you changed" I said wlkaing away


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