A thank you to all!

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:) Hi guys! This might be late but I want to thank you guys for everything. For the votes, and for reading the book.

I honestly didn't think it would reach so many reads and I keep seeing notifications with my wattpad app on how everyone voted for most of the chapter. I am very very very thankful. I didn't think much if this book. I just wanted to give it a try.

I know this book isn't good at all but still thank you :D I might edit it at some point when I'm not busy. I can't believe it got this far, thank you for adding it to your reading list, for voting it and commenting on it. If I could list everyone of u I would but that would kind of.. take to much time haha. 

Anyway! I just want to say thank you and I know this is late, a year late or more. But yeah..... I promise to try and improve this book better, and not so confusing. 

I'm writing a new story also, but its not a werewolf. Its romance. Cheesy romance. Yeah, it would be published soon. Anyway, anywho. If you're wondering; maybe I would write a werewolf again, who knows. I have tons of ideas! 

Thank you all so much! I just didn't expect it to go this far and I know I'm being redundant but oh well. Thank you so much <3 *tons of hearts* 

I love you guys! xoxoxoxo 

Also, if you have time check out my new story *that might be published soon* hahaha thank you. 

Bye!! I'll see you again!!!!~ 


Me <3 <3 

Update: It is published, "Loving Evelynn." So, if you have time, feel free to check it out. And don't forget to Vote and Comment. Thanks guys! ^.^ 

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