Chapter 16

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*Two weeks later*

The whole two  weeks was full of training and I became good friends with Raymond and John

Right now where outside the pack house saying good bye's to each other especially those who found there mate and changing pack.

and I'm saying good bye to my brother and parents, suprisingly I forgave them but we are not close

"Take care of Anne, I'll come back and hunt you if you make her cry" I  threatened to him, 

"Good Bye, Mom, Dad, John, " I gave them all hugs.

I walk to Raymond and talk with him

"So you're finnaly going huh?" He asked

"Yeah, But I'll still miss this pack" I told him

"Yeah, I'll miss you, Thank you for everything and I'm sorry" He apologise

"It's okay, I hope you will find her and be happy" I hoped

"Thanks! Be careful on the way" He said

"Yeah, Good Luck on your battle" I wish to him, "This is our last good bye" I told him and hug him

"Good Bye Lilith"  He said

"Good Bye Raymond," I said and waved at him 

"Good Bye  Lilith" He replied, I smiled and walk away

"Good Bye Bitches!! Don't die on the war for I am the one that trained you" I said winking at them

"Don't die and do your best, Good Bye's!!" I continued 

I walked to Dean and he put his arm on my waist, I chuckled

I smiled and walking to the car

"Good Bye Raymond" I said quietly to myself as I stare out on the road until the figures were getting smaller, I kissed Dean's cheeks, 

"It's finally done,babe" He said

"Yeah! I'll miss them though" I replied 


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