Movie in class... Yes

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Selena- at her locker)
Justin- runs up) hey babe
Selena- looks over and smiles) hey!
Justin- I'm sorry I couldn't stay over last night
Selena- shrugs) it was ok
Justin- how was it
Selena- shrugs) it was ok I'm glad you left when I was almost asleep though so it wasn't as bad
Justin- nods) I'm sorry my mom wanted me home she had to talk to me
Selena- smiles) Justin it's fine
Justin- smiles and grabs her hand) you look beautiful by the way
Selena- smiles) oh thank you!!!!!
Justin- smiles and grabs her waist) you look so ho....
Selena- slaps his arm) I swear you finish that sentence it's not going to be pretty
Justin- why
Selena- because Justin most girls don't like to be called hot (crosses her arms)
Justin- why not
Selena- pushes his chest and walks off)
Justin- watches her walk off)
The bell rings
Justin- follows Selena)
In class
Justin- why'd you leave
Selena- because Justin you are an idiot
Justin- oh come on Lena
Selena- glares at him)
Justin- fine fine I'm sorry (puts his hands up in surrender)
Selena- smiles and kisses his cheek)
Justin- smiles and grabs her waist)
The bell rings for class to start
Selena- sits in front of Justin)
Teacher- ok class today we are going to watch a movie
Class cheers
Teacher- about what we are learning about obviously
Class groans)
Teacher- smiles and turns the movie off) can someone hit the lights
Selena- laughs)
Teacher- is something funny Selena
Selena- um no sorry I just thought of something
Teacher- ok
Student- turns the lights off)
Justin- why'd you laugh
Selena- I wrote a song called hit the lights
Justin- smirks) do I get to hear it
Selena- shrugs) i don't know maybe (smirks back)
Justin- smiles) come sit with me
Selena- are you crazy
Justin- shakes his head)
Selena- stands up and walks to Justin
Justin- grabs her waist and sets her on his lap)
Selena- smiles and lays back on his shoulder)
Justin- runs his thumb across her hand)
Selena- jay
Justin- hmm
Selena- I need to get up and go to the bathroom
Justin- why
Selena- cause (stands up and walks to the teacher then leaves the room)
Justin- confused
Selena- texts Justin) sorry have to take care of some girl problems
Justin- texts back) it's fine 😘
Selena- 😜😝😘
A few minutes later
Selena- walks in and sits back on Justin's lap)
Justin- you ok?
Selena- shrugs) I have cramps they kill
Justin- I'm sorry angel (rubs her stomach)
Selena- smiles) it's ok
Justin- how's that feel
Selena- smiles and nods her head)
Justin- good (kisses her cheek)
Selena- falling asleep)
Justin- babe
Selena- hmm (has her eyes closed)
Justin- the bells going to ring
Selena- opens her eyes slowly) I wanna sleep
Justin- smiles) sorry babe
Selena- sighs and stands up and goes to her desk)
Teacher- stops the movie) we will finish next time someone hit the lights
Selena- turns to Justin and giggles)
Justin- smiles)

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