Just hanging out

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After school
Selena- sitting on her bed)
Justin- looks at her stairs and smirks)
Selena- what
Justin- I feel like you were going to show me your song
Selena- I think that I said maybe
Justin- no I'm positive you said yes
Selena- shakes her head) I definitely said maybe
Justin- lets go listen
Selena- sits on his lap and kisses him) not right now
Justin- kisses her then pulls away) you are distracting me from the song so I forget about it huh
Selena- what why would I do that
Justin- cause you never wanna make out
Selena- smiles softly) Justin
Justin- Selena
Selena- groans and stands up fine)
They go upstairs
Selena- hits the play button)
Justin- smiles at her
Selena- leaning against the wall)
Justin- sitting in one of the seats and pulls Selena on him)
Selena- sits on him and smiles)
Justin- you are amazing
Selena- giggles) you are sweet
Justin- smiles and kisses her then pulls away)
Selena- smiles and lays her head on his shoulder)
After the song
Justin- that was amazing sel
Selena- thanks (smiles and turns the equipment off and turns the lights on) lets go back downstairs)
Justin- ok
They go downstairs
Selena- laying on her bed
Justin- hovers over her and kisses her)
Selena- pushes him off) funny but you missed your chance
Justin- what really that's not fair
Selena- smiles) sorry baby (runs her hand through his hair)
Justin- sighs and let's his hand go making him fall on Selena)
Selena- Justin can't breath get off (Trying to push him off)
Justin- chuckles) sorry what
Selena- sighs and stops trying to push him off) I can't breath
Justin- rolls off of her)
Selena- groans) you are heavy
Justin- it's called muscle baby girl
Selena- rolls on top of him) hmm I had no idea it had muscles
Justin- fakes gasps) offensive baby
Selena- smiles and kisses him) I'm hungry (stands up)
Justin- I'm hungry for you
Selena- gasps) Justin (grabs her pillow and throws it at him
Justin- laughs) oh it's on mamacita
Selena- giggles and runs downstairs and runs to the kitchen and sits in the corner of the counters
Justin- walks in and into the kitchen) that's the best place you could hide
Selena- giggles) in hungry
Justin- smirks and picks her up)
Selena- giggles) Justin
Justin- puts her on the counter) what thought I was going to do something to you
Selena- glares at him)
Justin- smiles and grabs her phone) lets move this
Selena- why?
Justin- shrugs and puts her phone on the counter and throws her over his shoulder
Selena- Justin what are you doing
Justin- walks outside to the pool
Selena- Justin I will hate you forever
Justin- you will get over it
Selena- Justin please
Justin- smirks) say sorry
Selena- I'm sorry I threw a pillow at you
Justin- I still want to see you wet (throws her in)
Selena- screams)
Justin- laughs)
Selena- comes up and wipes her eyes) I hate you
Justin- no you don't you love me
Selena- shakes her head) not anymore (swims to the side of the pool)
Justin- sticks his hand out for her
Selena- grabs it)
Justin- pulls her up)
Selena- smiles) I want a hug
Justin- ok (hugs her)
Selena- now you are wet too
Justin- ya but now we can shower together
Selena- laughs) you are hilarious but no
Justin- pouts)
Selena- you can shower in mine I will shower in the one in the hall
Justin- ok
They go upstairs)
Justin- on his phone)
Selena- Justin go get in the shower you dork
Justin- ok ok hold on
Selena- smiles and walks out and gets in the shower in the hallway bathroom)
Justin- sets his phone down and hears Selena singing and smiles at her voice walks into the bathroom and jumps in the shower)

Justin- walks out with a towel around his waist)
Selena- Laying on her bed and sits up looking at his abs and bites her lip)
Justin- smirks) you like baby
Selena- looks at his face and Blushes)
Justin- walks over and hovers over her)
Selena- smiles softly)
Justin- bends down letting his lips fall on her neck and softly kisses her neck)
Selena- bites her lips and wraps her arms around his neck)
Justin- continues)
Selena- moans) Justin
Justin- groans) ugh Selena you do things to me
Selena- laughs feeling his friend) that's not my fault you came out in a towel
Justin- gosh jerry wants you
Selena- looks at him) you named your uh friend
Justin- nods) you like
Selena- giggles and kisses him some more)
Justin- kisses back) I should go shower
Selena- you should or you could stay with me
Justin- laughs and do what
Selena- not sex
Justin- groans) then how am I supposed to fix this (points)
Selena- fine go shower
Justin- gets up and walks back to the bathroom)
Selena- stands up and goes downstairs to make food)

Justin- walks down)
Selena- making pasta)
Justin- walks in and wraps his arms around her waist and lays his head in her shoulder)
Selena- smiles) hey babe
Justin- hey!
Selena- how was your um (blushes) shower
Justin- sighs) it was cold
Selena- I'm sorry
Justin- it's fine
Selena- turns around and hugs him) I really am (kisses him then turns back around and finishes the pasta) food is done
Justin- yay!!
Selena- smiles)

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