Movie night

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Justin- kisses her)
Selena- kisses back)
Justin- pulls her on his lap while they kiss)
Selena- wraps her arms around his head)
Justin- runs his hand up and down her back)
Selena- pulls away and gets off his lap) what just happened
Justin- smirks) you know what happened
Selena- well why did it happen
Justin- shrugs) you kissed back
Selena- but you kissed me first
Justin- calm down it's not like it meant anything
Selena- uhh ya I'm tired I'm going to go to bed (leaves quickly)
Selena's pov
How could he say that it meant nothing for me that kiss meant so much it was amazing... It just makes me grow even more feelings toward him... Ugh why is he just so perfect can't he have any flaws about him so I can get over him
End of pov

The next day
Selena wearing above)
Selena- walks out and bumps into justin)
Justin- sorry sel
Selena- uhh (looks down) it's ok
Justin- you ready to go
Selena- nods)
They leave
In the car
Selena- looking out the window sitting awkwardly not wanting to move
Justin- sighs and shifts in his seat while driving)
The ride is silent to whole way
Justin- parks) Selena you can act the same around me I didn't mean to kiss you it just happened
Selena- it's fine justin it meant nothing (gets out and goes into the school)
Justin- sighs and leans back in the seat)
Selena- walks to taylor) hey tay
Taylor- smiles) hey Lena!!!
Selena- smiles) hey tay
Taylor- how are you doing? Did you stay with justin again last night?
Selena- I'm good and yes I did and I have to tell you and Petrie something that happened
Perrie- walks over) tell us what
Selena- justin kissed me last night
Both- what?
Selena- nods) ya
Taylor- how was it
Selena- he is an amazing kisser (tells her the whole story about her growing feelings for him and him saying it meant nothing blah blah blah)
Perrie- oh selly (hugs her) I am so sorry babe
Taylor- me too I mean I told you you couldn't stay with me because my parents kept fighting and I was embarrassed and I could have gone to your house but I didn't think about it
Perrie- I didn't let you stay with me because my step brother was in town for the week and he's a perv
Selena- it's fine
Taylor- so since it's Friday we should stay at your house and we can watch a bunch of movies or we can go night swimming or something fun
Selena- laughs) that sounds great (hugs them) thank you guys
Taylor- it's the least we can do
Perrie- nods) it's true
Selena- smiles) oh hey can I get a ride from one of you?
Perrie- I would but I have to go grab my step brother and take him to the airport (groans) on the bright side I get to get out of last hour early
Selena- laughs)
Taylor- I can give you a ride
Selena- thank you
Taylor- nods)
The bell rings

After the final bell rings
Selena- at her locker)
Justin- walks over) hey are you ok?
Selena- looks at him) why? does it matter?
Justin- why are you acting weird it was just a kiss?
Selena- maybe for you but not for me justin it actually meant something for me
Justin- w.....
Taylor- Selena lets go (at the end of the hallway)
Selena- sighs) I have to go (shuts her locker and leaves with taylor)

Taylor- stops at Selena's house
Selena- thank you
Taylor- no problem what time do you want me to come over
Selena- whenever Perrie is coming after she drops her stepbrother off
Taylor- alright so she will be here soon
Selena- nods)
Taylor- ok I will go home and grabs some stuff and I will be back then
Selena- alright see ya tay
Taylor- see ya
Selena- gets out and goes inside her house)
5 minutes later
The doorbell rings
Selena- walks over and opens it) oh what are you doing here
Justin- did you mean what you said at school
Selena- sighs) ya
Justin- why didn't you tell me sooner
Selena- because you said it didn't mean anything
Justin- b...
Perrie- walks up) hey guys?
Selena- hey p
Justin- sighs) I will talk to you later (leaves)
Perrie- what did he want
Selena- shuts the door and tells her everything)
Taylor- walks in) hey peeps
Selena- hey tay
Taylor- movie time (smiles and runs downstairs)
Selena- laughs and walks downstairs with Perrie)
Selena- what movie
Perrie and taylor- the best of me
Selena- puts it in and sits in the middle of them)

They fall asleep
The next day
Selena- wow we slept for a long time we went to bed 7:15ish
Perrie- I feel so refreshed
Taylor- laughs)
Perrie- smiles) it's true
Taylor- ok p whatever you say
Selena- smiles)

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