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After school
Selena- leaning against her car)
Justin- standing in front of her holding her hands)
Selena- giggles) I don't want to
Justin- oh come on len
Selena- looks at him)
Justin- fine I'll text you, we can hang out later
Selena- nods) ok! Just me and you?
Justin- just me and you
Selena- smiles and hugs him) that sounds amazing
Justin- smiles and rubs her back) I'm glad
Selena- sighs) text me soon
Justin- chuckles) I will I just have to see what my moms plans are because I know she needed me to go get some stuff for her
Selena- k just let me know
Justin- k (kisses her) I'll see you later
Selena- okay!
Justin- opens her door)
Selena- thanks! (Gets in her car)
Justin- be careful
Selena- I will
Justin- love you
Selena- love you too
Justin- shuts her door)
Selena- starts her car and drives off)
Justin- watches her then goes to his car)

Later that day

Selena- sitting on her couch and he Mom walks in)
Mandy- sel I'm home!
Selena- hey momma! (Stands ho and hugs her) how was it
Mandy- the usual!
Selena- smiles) when do you leave again
Mandy- Sunday!
Selena- oh you get to stay for a bit!
Mandy- nods) I'm happy cause I miss spending time with you!
Selena- me too!
Mandy- I do have to be in the office while you are at school and I have a business meeting on Thursday during dinner but other than that I'll be here! How about dinner tonight!
Selena- smiles and nods) I think I can handle that (texts justin: hey jay I'm so so so sorry but I have to cancel our plans! My mom came home and we are going out to dinner! Raincheck?)
Mandy- so where do you want to go?
Selena- shrugs) where ever!
Mandy- smiles) we can decide when we go! How about half an hour?
Selena- nods) that's fine!
Mandy- ok good! I'm going to go unpack!
Selena- nods and sits back down on the couch and gets a text from Justin)
Justin- 😔 okay! Have fun! Love you!
Selena- thanks! Love you too 💕)
Selena- I set my phone down and started watching the tv)

Mandy- walks down) okay sel you ready!?
Selena- nods) yeah! Let's go! (Stands up)
They go to the car
Mandy- where to?
Selena- ummm... Cheesecake Factory?
Mandy- sounds good to me! (Starts driving) so how are you and Justin
Selena- smiles) good!
Mandy- that's good to hear!
Selena- smiles and nods)
At dinner
Mandy-I have to talk to you about something
Selena- okay?
Mandy- on one of my business trips I actually met someone!
Selena- really?
Mandy- nods)
Selena- and?
Mandy- looks at her) i think it's getting pretty serious
Selena- how serious
Mandy- we've talked about marriage
Selena- raises her eyesbrows) oh!
Mandy- he is very nice and he has a son your age!
Selena- whats his name?
Mandy- Brian and his son is grey
Selena- where are they from!?
Mandy- Florida!
Selena- jaw drops) Floridia'
Mandy- nods)
Selena- if you guys got married would we move there?
Mandy- noo of course not! They would move here!
Selena- okay!
Mandy- but anyway! He is very sweet and wants to meet you!
Selena- have you meet his son?
Mandy- I have!
Selena- when am I going to meet him?
Mandy- tomorrow
Selena- eyes widen) he's coming here?
Mandy- yes! Until Sunday when we both go on the business trip!
Selena- what does he do!
Mandy- he work for a business down in Florida but I'm giving him a job in my company
Selena- nods)
Mandy- I think you will like him
Selena- im sure i wil!!
Mandy- smiles) he will be here when you get home from school! They are staying at ours and are moving down here actually
Selena- tomorrow?
Mandy- yeah! Not all their stuff but some of it!
Selena- okay!
Mandy- are you okay
Selena- I mean it's a lot to take in but yes I'm okay!

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