It's more fun when you drink

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On Friday
Selena and Taylor wearing above)
Selena- the boys are going to be here in 5 minutes
Taylor- I just need lipstick
Selena- nods)
Taylor- pulls out her red lipstick and puts it on the gives it to Selena)
Selena- puts it on and puckers her lips and smiles) ok we are done
The doorbell rings
Taylor- I don't know if I want to go
Selena- nods) I know (starts going downstairs) but I told Justin i would go because he wanted to and I wasn't going to let him go alone and possibly cheat on me
Taylor- good point
Selena- nods and opens the door)
Taylor- hey guys
Both- hey
Justin- you girls look amazing
Selena- oh thank you (kisses him)
Taylor- thanks justin
Justin- smiles) you girls ready
Selena- yep (pops the p)
They go to Justin's Range Rover
Selena- gets in and sits back)
Ryan- are you guys excited for your first party
Selena- bites her lip) uhh I don't know
Taylor- I'm not I'm freaking out
Ryan- chuckles) don't worry I won't leave your side
Taylor- smiles)
Ryan- did perrie get ready with you guys
Selena- no she told us she would just meet us there
Justin- nods)
Ryan- oh ok
Selena- turns the radio on and cheerleaders on)
Taylor and Selena start singing)
Justin- chuckles and pulls up to the party
Selena- looks at the house and sees a bunch of kids drinking and laughing and gets nervous)
Justin- you ok Len
Selena- I'm fine (gets out and walks towards justin and the others)
They walk inside
Perrie- runs up) hey guys (hugs them, drunk)
Selena- hey p you look amazing but are you drunk
Perrie- thanks but look at you and no I'm not drunk (laughs) I only had 8 drinks
Selena- giggles) 
Justin- do you want something to drink Len
Selena- uh just water
Ryan- I'll go grab a drink too want anything tay
Taylor- shakes her head) no I'm okay for right me
Ryan- alright be right back
Taylor- nods)
Justin- ok (walks off)
Perrie- let's dance (grabs Selena and Taylor's hand and walks to the dance floor)
Selena- laughs at Perrie dancing)
Taylor- giggles)
Perrie- come on guys dance (dancing)
Selena- laughs) I think I'll pass
Taylor- nods) ya I'm not in the mood
Perrie- well get in the mood
Justin and Ryan walk to them
Justin- gives Selena a water)
Selena- thanks! (Takes a drink)
Justin- wraps his arm around Selena's waist)
Selena- looks at him and smiles)
zayn- walks over) hey guys
Perrie- zaynie (hugs him)
Zayn- she's drunk
Selena- nods)
Perrie- zayn lets dance
Zayn- smiles and laughs at her) ok
Taylor- I don't feel well (holds her head)
Ryan- you ok?
Taylor- I'm just dizzy I forgot to take medicine today
Ryan- here come with me
They walk off
Selena- turns to face justin) well now what
Justin- we dance
Selena- giggles)
They dance for a bit then a slow song goes on
Justin- looks at her)
Selena- smiles and wraps her arms around his neck)
Justin- puts her hands on her waist)
They sway
Selena- lays on Justin's chest)
Justin- so how's your first party so far?
Selena- shrugs)
Justin- boring right
Selena- looks up) why do you say that
Justin- it's not fun when you don't drink
Selena- raises her eyebrows) so you want me to drink?
Justin- shrugs) and me I want me to drink
Selena- drops her hands from his neck) I'm not stopping you but there is no way I will drink... Sorry
Justin- I'm not saying you have to I just said that it will be better
Selena- looks down) I'm not drinking
Justin- ok I was just saying, I'm going to grab a drink for me now (walks off)
Selena- sighs and walks to the couch and sits down)
???- sits by her) why is a pretty little lady by herself? Let's dance
Selena- I have a boyfriend
???- well I wasn't giving much of a choice (grabs her hand) or maybe lets skip the dancing and go upstairs and have some fun (whispers in her ear)
Selena- tries to push him away) g-get away from me... I said I had a boyfriend
???- screw your boyfriend... No one says no to Arron
Selena- well there is a first time for everything
Arron- I don't like you talking back to me (smacks her)
Selena- gasps and holds her cheek, trying to hold back the tears)
Justin- runs up) what the heck dude (pushes him away) 
Selena- puts her head in Justin's chest)
Arron- laughs) you are bieber's girl? That won't last long then you can come to me
Selena- doesn't say anything)
Justin- leave her alone.... Arron (grabs Selena's hand and walks somewhere else)
Selena- w-w-who's a-Arron?
Justin- some guy that's hated me since well his first party.. We meet at the party and I danced with a girl he was dancing with first and he got mad and hated me since... But honestly how childish he should get over it the girl wanted me anyway
Selena- nods slowly)
Justin- sighs) sorry... (Touches her cheek)
Selena- flinches and moves back)
Justin- sighs) sorry babe... It's going to bruise
Selena- nods)
Justin- come on let's get out of here
Selena- why cause I'm no fun
Justin- I didn't say they Len
Selena- you said it before
Justin- Selena I said it would be more fun for you not for me
Selena- sighs and looks down)  you aren't drunk right
Justin- shakes his head) no I didn't even finish one cup
Selena- nods) ok
Justin- so do you wanna go
Selena- sighs) well I do but I know you don't (looks at him)
Justin- sel I'm fine if we just go somewhere as long as I'm with you
Selena- giggles) you are so cheesy
Justin- smiles) so you wanna go
Selena- nods)
Justin- smiles and grabs her hand) let me just find Ryan and tell him to go home with someone else
They look for Ryan and taylor and see them dancing
Justin- walks up) hey Ryan
Ryan- ya
Justin- can you go home with zayn or someone
Ryan- nods) ya sure you guys leavin
Justin- ya
Ryan- ok see ya
Justin- grabs Selena's hand and walks out of the house and goes to his car and opens Selena's door)
Selena- thanks (gets in)
Justin- shuts her door and goes around and gets in his side)
Selena- buckles up)
Justin- buckles up then starts the car, puts it in to drive and starts driving)
Selena- looks out the window)
Justin- wanna go to a drive in?
Selena- looks at him and giggles) you just want to make out
Justin- smiles)
Selena- sure lets go
Justin- so we get to make out
Selena- I didn't say that
Justin- doesn't say anything)
Selena- but I didn't say we couldn't
Justin- smirks)
Selena- giggles and grabs his hand)

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