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At lunch
Zayn- so you guys made up
Selena- nods)
Justin- smiles and has his arm around her shoulder)
Ryan- so glad it's Friday
Justin- me too
Perrie- hallelujah
Selena and Taylor- laugh)
Justin- smiles at Selena)
Selena- leans closer to justin)
Niall- walks up) hey dude
Justin- sup Niall
Niall- did you guys hear
Ryan- about what
Niall- someone put a bunch of condoms in the science room
Ryan, zayn, and Justin laugh
Selena- scrunches her face up) that's disgusting
Taylor- ya that's not funny
Perrie- I didn't listen
Justin- that's freaking hilarious actually
Selena- shakes her head)
Niall- so guess who I banged the other day
Zayn- who?
Niall- smirks) Stacy
Ryan- wait seriously she's like the hardest girl to get
Niall- smirks but not only Stacy Lexi also
Justin- you had a threesome dude that amazing
Zayn- ya and with the 2 shyest girls in school
Niall- smirks and nods) what can I say
Selena- grossed out)
Justin- chuckles at Selena's face)
Selena- that's gross why do you guys talk about that stuff
Perrie- ya that's weird
Justin- shrugs)
Taylor- ohh looks like someone's checking Selena out
Selena- spins her head around and sees nick looking at her and scoots closer to justin)
Justin- you ok babe
Selena- I hate him
Justin- turns around and glares at nick
Nick- smirks at justin
Justin- flips him off)
Nick- laughs)
Selena- clenches Justin's shirt)
Ryan- why do you hate him
Selena- he's my ex
Justin- looks at her)
Perrie- they were so cute
Selena- rolls her eyes) I regret dating him
Zayn- what happened
Selena- sighs) I don't want to talk about it her (looks down)
Justin- looks confused)
Selena- lays on Justin's chest)
Justin- plays with her hair)

At Justin's house
Justin invited everyone over to hang out they are sitting in his backyard talking

Zayn- I want to know what happened with nick
Selena- closes her eyes)
Taylor- Lena you don't have to
Selena- playing with Justin's finger and takes a deep breath) it's ok
Justin- looks at Selena)
Selena- nick and I dated for 2 months before nick started drinking. nick is an alcoholic every weekend he would go out he'd get drunk and go bang a girl, I called him out on it and he hit me, it wasn't just once it was multiple hits and punches
Justin- tightens his grip on Selena's hand
Selena- looks at him)
Ryan- wait he did that
Selena- nods) it was every time he got drunk he stopped banging girls and started hitting me, he even uhh r..r...rap...rapped me (tears fall)
Justin- stands up pissed)
Selena- Justin
Justin- leaves)
Selena- w...what's he doing
Zayn- looks at Ryan)
Ryan- looks at Zayn)
Selena- runs after justin)
They go to the front
Selena- sees Justin getting in his car) justin what are you doing
Justin- looks at her and drives off)
Selena- tears roll faster down her cheeks goes back to the backyard) we have to follow him
Ryan- grabs his keys) I will drive
They all go to Ryan's car and get in
Ryan- where does nick live
Selena- the apartments by the cafe
Zayn- he doesn't live with parents?
Selena- no he left when he was 16 because he didn't like them
Ryan- driving) ok almost there
Once they get there
Selena- sees Justin's car) he's here
Zayn- girls stay in the car ok
Selena- but
Zayn- I don't think you will want to see this
They boys leave
Selena- crying)

10 minutes later
Selena- has her knees up to her chest crying)
Taylor- Lena look
Selena- looks up and sees justin and the guys walk out (opens the door and runs to him, hugs him)
Justin- hugs back)
Selena- what were you thinking (yells at him has her hand on his chest and punches him lightly) you could have gotten hurt even worse
Justin- just watches her then hugs her tight)
Selena- stops and falls in his arm and cries)
Justin- Sel I'm fine (let's her go)
Selena- looks at him and slowly touches his face seeing his lip bleeding)
Justin- I'm fine Lena, let's go back to my place!
Selena- nods)
Ryan- we will met you there
Justin- ok
Ryan and zayn- walks off
Justin- grabs Selena hand and starts walking to his car)
Selena- gets in the passenger seat)
Justin- gets in the driver side and starts his car)
Selena- opens the glove box and grabs a napkin and wipes her tears closing the glove box)
Justin- looks at her and drives)
Selena- how was he
Justin- well let's just say I won
Selena- looks down) that stupid what you did you know
Justin- I know but I don't care
Selena- looks out the window)
Justin- are you mad at me
Selena- looks down) no just I don't know worried I guess
Justin- why
Selena- because I just am worried that you were going to get hurt and worried that you did something bad to nick that you might go to jail of something
Justin- I didn't hurt him that bad he will be at school on Monday
Selena- sighs) ok

Selena- sitting by Justin on the grass)
Zayn- sitting behind Perrie)
Perrie- laying on zayn)
Selena- shivers) it's cold out her
Taylor- agreed
Perrie- I'm fine
Selena- not me
Justin- want to go inside? Or want my jacket?
Selena- inside
They all go inside and go to Justin's room
Selena- sitting on Justin's bed laying against the headboard with her legs under the covers)
Justin- sitting by her)
Ryan- we should do something
Zayn- like what
Ryan- like go on an adventure (puts his arm up like superman)
All- laugh)
Selena- but it's cold outside
Taylor- ya!! And dark!
Selena- and cold
Justin- laughs and grabs her his jacket and wraps it around her) better
Selena- ya
Ryan- hands taylor his jacket)
Taylor- thank you!!
Justin- ok let's go
They go downstairs
Pattie- where are you kids going
Justin- on an adventure
Pattie- giggles and shakes her head) you kids have fun
They leave
Selena- grabs Justin's arm)
Justin- looks at her) you ok babe
Selena- nods)
Taylor- gripping onto Ryan)
Perrie- laughing with zayn)
Selena- where are we going?
Ryan- wherever our feet take us
Selena- looks behind her)
Justin- what are you doing
Selena- sighs and looks ahead) I'm scared something is going to like grab me or something
Justin- chuckles and pulls her ahead of him puts his hands on her sides)
Once they walk a while they stop
Selena- w..what is that
Ryan- it's an abandoned house
Selena- turns around and puts her head in Justin's chest)
Taylor- hiding behind Ryan)
Perrie- can we leave
Selena- please
Justin- chuckles) oh come on babe you don't want to go inside
Selena- shakes her head) please can we go please
Justin- fine! Let's get out of here
They start walking away when someone jumps out at them in a mask
Girls- scream)
Selena- jumps on Justin)
Perrie- falls on the ground)
Taylor- runs)
Guys- laughing)
Ryan- TAYLOR COME BACK (runs after taylor)
Selena- hiding in Justin's neck gripping on to him)
Justin- dang baby
Selena- opens her eyes and looks behind her seeing the masked person right next to her, screams and jumps off Justin and runs behind his back shaking)
Masked person walks behind justin and lays the head on Selena's shoulder
Selena- jumps and runs off shaking uncontrollably almost in tears)
Justin- feels bad) Niall take the mask off we are done
Niall- takes the mask off) that was funny
Perrie- still laying on the ground with zayn sitting next to her)
Justin- I gotta find Selena (runs in the direction of Selena)
Justin- sees her sitting under a tree with her head in her hands walks over and sits by her)
Selena- jumps)
Justin- it's just me!
Selena- sniffles)
Justin- sel are you crying
Selena- doesn't say anything)
Justin- sighs) I'm sorry Len it was just a prank it was Niall in the mask
Selena- closes her eyes and sighs)
Justin- come on baby talk to me
Selena- looks at him)
Justin- sighs and wipes her tears) I'm so sorry
Selena- looks down)
Justin- sighs) wanna go back to my place
Selena- slowly nods)
Justin- gets a call answers while standing up) hello (helps Selena up) you guys found Ryan and taylor ya me and sel are headed back now... Ok no that's fine... See you guys later (hangs up) they are going home
Selena- looks down at her hands)
Justin- sighs)
They continue to walk in the dark with noises all around them
Selena- puts her hand on Justin's arm and holds on tight laying her head on him as they walked)
Justin- looks at her)
Once they get back to Justin's they say goodnight to pattie before going to Justin's room
Selena- changes before laying in Justin's bed)
Justin- takes his shirt off and pants then slips some sweats on then lays next to her)
Selena- staring at the ceiling)
Justin- sighs) sel
Selena- turns to him)
Justin- please talk to me I'm so sorry but it wasn't my idea it was Ryan's
Selena- looks at him)
Justin- please forgive me
Selena- I forgive
Justin- smiles) really
Selena- nods)
Justin- kisses her) thank you
Selena- smiles) goodnight justin I'm tired so I'm going to sleep
Justin- smiles) well goodnight beautiful
Selena- smiles and closes her eyes)

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