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Selena- texting Justin: see you soon!!
Justin- alright see ya babe!! When does your mom leave?
Selena- 😒 like 20 minutes I think
Justin- I'm sorry... I'll be there though
Selena- 😌 thanks! 😘
Justin- 😘 you're welcome!
Selena- smiles and sets her phone down)
Mandy- walks down with her bag)
Selena- looks at her bag
Mandy- I ordered you a new sound thing for your recording room
Selena- ... Thanks...
Mandy- nods)
Selena- crosses her arms) you know you don't have to buy me something everytime you leave
Mandy- I feel bad
Selena- shrugs) it doesn't change anything
Mandy- I know (sighs) I just.. I don't know
Selena- it's fine
Mandy- no it's not I wish I didn't have to go on business trips I honestly hate them
Selena- shrugs) it's your job
Mandy- I know (sighs) I just wish it wasn't
Selena- nods)
Mandy- kisses her head) I gotta go
Selena- nods) okay
Mandy- bye sweetie
Selena- bye mom
Mandy- leaves)
Selena- sighs and texts Justin: she just left 😔
Justin- I'll be there in like 20 minutes.. I'm doing something for my mom
Selena- it's fine I'll see you soon!
Justin- alright!!! See Ya!!
Selena- looks at the ceiling and sighs)


Justin- knocks on the door)
Selena- gets up and goes to the door and opens it) hey (hugs him)
Justin- hey (kisses her cheek)
Selena- smiles and buries her head into his chest)
Justin- rubs her back)
Selena- can we watch a movie?
Justin- anything for you baby girl
Selena- smiles and pulls away from him)
They walk to Selena's room
Selena- lays on her bed next to justin and grabs her remote and turns the tv on then goes to Netflix) what movie?
Justin- uhh I don't care
Selena- pitch perfect 2?
Justin- sure
Selena- have you seen it
Justin- no
Selena- it's so funny
Justin- smiles) well then let's watch it
Selena- turns it on and cuddles close to justin)
Justin- watches the TV)

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