Drive in

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At the drive in
Selena- laying on Justin's shoulder and yawns) I am so tired
Justin- chuckles and kisses her cheek) I'm sorry I would say go to sleep but you said we could make out
Selena- rolls here eyes) no I didn't I said maybe
Justin- pouts)
Selena- smiles and leans up and kisses him) you are just fine
Justin- I don't think I am I think I need you to kiss me more or you know we could go somewhere else and well you know
Selena- rolls her eyes) justin
Justin- I'm kidding (puts his hands up in surrender)
Selena- good
Justin- chuckles)
Selena- smiles) hey justin!
Justin- hmm
Selena- looks at him) Uhhh how long have you known Arron?
Justin- shrugs) 2 years... Why
Selena- shrugs) just wondering
Justin- did he say anything to you
Selena- shakes her head) no you heard pretty much everything
Justin- you sure
Selena- nods) ya
Justin- alright
Selena- cuddles up to him then looks back towards the movie)
Justin- looks down at her)
Selena- looks up and smiles) what
Justin- you are just so beautiful
Selena- blushes and buries her head in his arm)
Justin- chuckles)
Selena- looks back up)
Justin- kisses her)
Selena- kisses back)
Justin- deepens the kiss
Selena- deepens it even more
Justin- pulls her onto his lap)
Selena- wraps her arms around his neck)
Justin- holding her waist then pulls away and starts kissing her neck)
Selena- moans) justin
Justin- turned on and keeps kissing him)
Selena- Uhhh j..Justin
Justin- pulls away then kisses her again)
Selena- kisses back)
Justin- smiles into the kiss)
Selena- deepens the kiss)

Selena- pulls away and giggles) the movies over
Justin- chuckles) mm that was fun we should go to drive ins more often
Selena- rolls her eyes and gets back to her seat)
Justin- smiles then starts the car and drives off)
Selena- looking in the mirror in Justin's car and gasps) Justin
Justin- what
Selena- turns to him and points to her neck) look what you gave me
Justin- looks over and chuckles)
Selena- this isn't funny (punches him lightly)
Justin- laughs) come on its kinda funny
Selena- and my mom is going to kill me
Justin- your mom isn't home
Selena- she's coming home tomorrow justin
Justin- just cover it up
Selena- shakes her head) well duh
Justin- chuckles) I'm sorry babe
Selena- shakes her head) it's fine
Justin- pulls up to her house
Selena- sighs and unbuckles and pushes the door open)
Justin- gets out also)
They walk inside
Selena- goes to her room)
Justin- follows her
Selena- goes to her bathroom and starts applying make up to the hickey)
Justin- why are you doing that now
Selena- because who knows when my mom is going to be home and she will probably come and check on me if its early and knowing me I'll probably sleep in till 11
Justin- nods) alright alright you do you
Selena- giggles and shakes her head)
Justin- but you freaking gave me this (points to his pants)
Selena- giggles) oh I'm so sorry baby (teases)
Justin- rolls his eyes) do you want to fix it
Selena- eyes widen
Justin- chuckles) I'm kidding babe I wouldn't make you do that
Selena- bites her lip and looks down)
Justin- what's wrong I was kidding
Selena- I know but still
Justin- stares at her)
Selena- kisses him) I'm sorry
Justin- it's fine (kisses her forehead)
Selena- smiles and lays on his chest)
Justin- so is it alright if I shower
Selena- nods) ya!! (Walks out of the bathroom)
Justin- shuts the door)
Selena- lays on her bed and scrolls through Instagram)

Justin- walks out)
Selena- looks up from her phone and bites her lip)
Justin- only wearing sweats and smirks) like it babe
Selena- blushes) shut up
Justin- chuckles) you are adorable
Selena- blushes more) stoooop
Justin- laughs and walks over and kisses her forehead)
Selena- smiles and puts her head in his chest)
Justin- rubs her back)
Selena- I'm so tired
Justin- well it is 3:25
Selena- groans and falls on her bed) I'm going to bed
Justin- kisses her) sleep well baby
Selena- are you leaving?
Justin- well I don't think your mom will like seeing you sleeping with a guy
Selena- nods) ya probably not
Justin- smiles) but I'll text you tomorrow
Selena- bites her lip and nods)
Justin- it's okay Lena
Selena- nods) um can you hand me my phone I'll see if taylor or perrie can come
Justin- hands her, her phone) you don't think they'll be asleep
Selena- shrugs) probably taylor will be but not perrie (calls perrie)
Perrie- answers) hey selly
Selena- hey what are you doing
Perrie- just leaving zayns)
Selena- smiles) can you sleepover tonight
Perrie- sleepover for like 5 hours
Selena- ya!! But can you
Perrie- of course I'll be there in 5
Selena- thank you
Perrie- ya I'll see you in a bit
Selena- hangs up) Perrie is coming
Justin- oh good (kisses her once again) I'll see you later
Selena- nods) I'll walk you downstairs
Justin- you sure
Selena- ya I'll wait for Perrie down there and I have to lock all the doors
Justin- alright
They walk downstairs
Justin- kisses her) bye babe
Selena- bye
Justin- smiles and walks to his car)
Selena- watches him drive off the Goes inside and locks the back door and the side door then the doorbell rings)
Perrie- walks in) hey sorry I rang the doorbell to let you know it was me
Selena- it's fine (smiles) did you tell your mom
Perrie- ya I called her she said it was fine
Selena- alright sweet (locks the front door then turns the lights off)
They go upstairs
Selena- lays in her bed with Perrie)
Perrie- aw you guys went to the drive in... I'm defiantly jealous I really want to go to a drive in
Selena- laughs) all we did was pretty much made out or talked about making out
Perrie- laughs) boys (shakes her head)
Selena- giggles and nods) ya no kidding
Perrie- was it fun though
Selena- ya it was really fun!!
Perrie- oh good! So you didn't like the party
Selena- well it just isn't me. Ya know
Perrie- nods) ya you are too innocent
Selena- I am not
Perrie- laughs) yes you are
Selena- whatever taylor is more innocent then me
Perrie- that's true that's very true
Selena- smiles)
Perrie- but she did stay later then you
Selena- so I went to the drive in and made out with the bad boy of the school
Perrie- laughs) ya that's true once again
Selena- smiles) I know
Perrie- is he a good kisser
Selena- oh my gosh Perrie
Perrie- hey it's just a question... But for reals is he?
Selena- yes he is a very good kisser!
Perrie- he looks like he would
Selena- laughs) is zayn a good kisser
Perrie- mmmm he's very good
Selena- nods)
Perrie- I wonder if Ryan's a good kisser
Selena- chuckles) ask taylor
Perrie- oh I will
Selena- shakes her head giggling)
Perrie- yawns) dang I'm so tired
Selena- same.... What did you and zayn do at his house
Perrie- we watched a movie
Selena- but did you actually watch it
Perrie- half of it
Selena- chuckles) how was it
Perrie- very good
Selena- laughs)
Perrie- I say we go to bed
Selena- nods) alright night P
Perrie- good night len
Selena- closes her eyes thinking about the day)

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