You cant do that

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Selena- sitting on the couch with Justin talking)
Justin- smiles) ya she's cute
Selena- smiles) I want to meet her
Justin- smiles) she would like you
Selena- smiles) how do you know
Justin- I just do
Selena- giggles
The door bell rings
Selena- groans)
Justin- chuckles) I'll get it
Selena- smiles) thank you
Justin- gets up and walks to the door)
Selena- waits for Justin)
Justin- walks back a little later with taylor) it's taylor
Selena- hey tay what's up
Taylor- I need to talk
Selena- about what
Taylor- life (falls on the couch)
Justin- laughs) I'll be in your room Len
Selena- ok (smiles)
Justin- leaves)
Selena- so what's up
Taylor- my parents (sighs) they started fighting over me today
Selena- oh I'm sorry babe
Taylor- sighs) what do I do
Selena- well I don't think there's much you can do
Taylor- I ran out I left my house when I heard them screaming over me (sighs) they called after me but I just kept running
Selena- oh bae (hugs her) I'm so sorry
Taylor- sighs)
Her phone rings
Taylor- it's my mom
Selena- are you going to answer
Taylor- should I
Selena- I think so but its up to you
Taylor- sighs and answers it)
Selena- watches her)
Taylor- hangs up) she wants to talk to me
Selena- smiles) you going
Taylor- ya I told her I would
Selena- smiles and hugs her) call me
Taylor- I will thanks Len I love you
Selena- love you too tay
Taylor- leaves)
Selena- walks upstairs and doesn't see Justin looks at her stairs and groans and runs up) justin
Justin- smiles at her)
Selena- you are listening to my music (turns it off)
Justin- ya you are amazing
Selena- crosses her arms)
Justin- smiles and stands up and hugs her) I just listened to one
Selena- so
Justin- why do you get so like mad about it
Selena- sighs and looks at him) it's just I just don't know I just feel like they aren't good I do them because they represent me I can relate to them and stuff they aren't meant for people to listen to and hear Taylor and Perrie haven't heard half of them
Justin- you perform some though
Selena- I know but I don't do all of them
Justin- nods) im sorry
Selena- it's fine it's just I'm just embarrassed
Justin- well you shouldn't be
Selena- smiles) lets do something
Justin- swim
Selena- you would want to huh
Justin- ya
Selena- sorry we already showered
Justin- fine let's watch a movie
Selena- ok but let me change into my pajamas
Justin- ok (takes his shirt off leaving him in sweats)
Selena- bites her lip)
Justin- oh hey guess what
Selena- hmm
Justin- I sleep without a shirt
Selena- smiles and grabs some pajamas)
Justin- you can change right here
Selena- you'd like that
Justin- smiles)
Selena- fine (takes her shirt off then her pants and smirks at him)
Justin- ugh Lena
Selena- giggles) jay you have to turn around for just a second
Justin- why
Selena- I'm taking my bra off
Justin- oh why can't I look
Selena- glares at him)
Justin- fine (turns around)
Selena- turns around also just in case and quickly changes) ok I'm done (turns around seeing Justin spin on his heel)
Justin- lays on Selena bed
Selena- lays by him and grabs her remote) ok what movie
Justin- Texas chainsaw
Selena- laughs) not at night I cant watch scary movies just not a night
Justin- why
Selena- because it's right before you go to sleep
Justin- ok fine then you pick
Selena- smiles) uhh the best of me
Justin- fine
Selena- clicks it)

Selena- asleep on Justin's chest)
Justin- smiles and turns the tv off and wraps his arms around selena)

Selena- wakes up and looks at the clock 7:24 sighs and puts her hand on Justin's abs and traces them)
Justin- moves a bit
Selena- bites her lip and stops)
Justin- stops)
Selena- looks up at him and sees him still sleeping shakes his softly) jay
Justin- moves a little)
Selena- justin wake up
Justin- doesn't wake up)
Selena- sighs and sits on him and kisses him then whispers in his ear) baby wake up we have school
Justin- opens his eyes)
Selena- smiles) morning baby
Justin- smiles) morning
Selena- we have to get ready for school
Justin- groans) what time is it
Selena- 7:30
Justin- closes his eyes) 30 more minutes
Selena- fine (gets off the bed and walks to her bathroom and starts curling her hair)
After she finished her hair walks over to Justin
Selena- jay wake up its 8
Justin- sighs and sits up)
Selena- walks back to her bathroom and does her makeup)
Justin- walks in the bathroom and does his hair)

Selena wearing above
At school
Selena- walks in with justin holding hands)
Girls glare at Selena while the guys yell crap like get some bieber or things like that
Selena- looks at Justin and giggles)
Justin- smiles and walks to selenas locker)
Selena- opens her locker)
Justin- leans against the one next to hers
Selena- looks at him)
Justin- checking out a girl)
Selena- glares at him)
Justin- looks at her) what
Selena- shakes her head and shuts her locker)
Justin- Len what
Selena- you know what Justin
Ryan- walks up to them) what's up dude
Justin- nothing much
They talk
Selena- walks off)
Justin- doesn't notice laughing with Ryan)
Ryan- dang (laughs)
Selena- walks to taylor perrie and zayn)
Taylor- hey Len
Selena- hey
Perrie- where's Justin
Selena- checking out girls
Perrie- wait really
Selena- ya he was checking jasmine out then Ryan came over)
Taylor- oh I'm sorry sel
Selena- it's fine but I have class with him and we are watching a movie
Zayn- that's sucks but just remember Justin is completly different when it comes to the people he's around
Selena- he was only around me when he checked jasmine out)
Zayn- shrugs)
The bell rings
Zayn- just tell him
Selena- I can't do that
Perrie- I have class with you too you realize that too
Selena- smiles) I forgot
Perrie- I know
They go to class
Selena- sitting next to Perrie)
The bell rings
Perrie- wheres Justin
Selena- probably going to Be- late i don't know
Perrie- nods)
Teacher- ok class we are going to finish the m...
Justin- walks in)
Teacher- movie... Nice for you to join us mr bieber
Justin- whatever (sits behind Selena)
Teacher- starts the movie) someone turn the lights off
Someone gets up and turns the lights off)
Selena- lays her head on the desk
Justin- taps her shoulder)
Selena- looks at him) what
Justin- what's wrong
Selena- turns around) I saw you checking Jasmine out)
Justin- oh
Selena- ya (about to turn back around)
Justin- wait I'm sorry ok I'm new to this whole dating thing and it's hard ok
Selena- sighs) I know but you can't do that
Justin- I'm sorry I'll try to stop
Selena- nods) ok
Justin- are we ok
Selena- nods) ya
Justin- come sit with me
Selena- stands up and walks over to him and sits on his lap
Justin- smiles and hugs her waist)

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