Justins bedroom

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Justin- sighs and stands up) I'm going to let you sleep you look tired
Selena- ok!! (Sits up in the bed and smiles) thanks again justin
Justin- don't mention it (smiles) night Selena
Selena- night
Justin- leaves the room turning the light off and shutting the door)
Selena's pov
Justin is so sweet it's just his bad boy image at school that ruins it but I feel so bubbly inside when he's around me... I think I'm starting to grow feelings for him
The next day
Selena- wakes up from her alarm on her phone and turns it off and quickly gets up and goes to the bathroom and gets in the shower.... Then changes into (above) curls her hair then applies make up
There is a knock on the door
Selena- come in
Justin- walks in) you almost ready
Selena- ya (nods) I just have to do mascara
Justin- ok I will be downstairs
Selena- nods) ok
Justin- leaves)
5 minutes later
Selena- goes downstairs) ok we can go and can we stop by my house?
Justin- ya that's fine
Selena- thank you
Justin- nods) yup lets go
They leave

Selena- walks into school with justin)
Everybody stares at them
Selena- why are they staring
Justin- smirks) because they are jealous
Selena- what why
Justin- shrugs) they could think we are dating
Selena- what no
Justin- it could happen
Selena- laughs) ya ok I will see you later (walks off)

In music
Teacher- ok we are presenting your duets who would like to go first
Justin- about to raise his hand
Selena- grabs it and pulls it down) not first maybe 3rd or 4th
Justin- fine
3 groups go
Teacher- alright who is next
Justin- we will
Teacher- alright justin and Selena)
They walk down
Selena- our song is called wouldn't change a thing
They start singing (above... You might have to swipe the outfit to get to the song)
Everyone- claps
Selena- smiles and sits down with justin)
Taylor- that was amazing guys
Selena- thanks tay
Taylor- smiles)
Selena- laying on her bed when the doorbell rings gets up and walks downstairs and opens the door)
Justin- hey
Selena- hey what are you doing here
Justin- I was just wondering if you needed a place to stay again
Selena- sighs and looks down and her phone) I just feel bad
Justin- why?
Selena- because your mom doesn't know me so it's like she is bringing a stranger into her house
Justin- she doesn't care she likes you
Selena- sighs) are you sure
Justin- promise now go get your stuff and we can go
Selena- nods) you can come in (moves over)
Justin- walks in)
Selena- shuts the door) ok we can go to my room
They go upstairs
Selena- packs a few things

20 minutes later
At Justin's house
Pattie- dinner will be in 10 minutes
Justin- alright mom
Selena- thank you again pattie for letting me stay here... Again
Pattie- oh it's not a problem
Selena- smiles
Justin- grabs Selena's hand and walks upstairs)
They go to Justin's room
Selena- walks in with justin) nice room
Justin- chuckles) thanks
Selena- it's actually organized and clean I thought it would be like a total mess
Justin- laughs) no I clean
Selena- I'm impressed
Justin- smiles and sits on his bed)

After dinner back in Justin's room
Selena- sitting by justin laughing)
Justin- chuckles) you have a cute laugh
Selena- looks down and blushes)
Justin- laughs) awe sellys blushing
Selena- stop
Justin- smiles and lifts her head up and looks her in the eyes)i think it's cute
Selena- looks in his eyes)
Justin- leans in and kisses her

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