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Taylor- well it's Saturday lets do something amazing
Petrie- like
Selena and Taylor- the beach (shout and raise an arm up)
Perrie- laughs) don't we always do that
Taylor- yes just let it happen and let's go
Selena- I'm going to get dressed
Taylor- ok
Selena- I am pretty sure you guys have stuff here
Perrie- you are probably correct
Selena- well then let's go
They go upstairs
Selena- changes into a purple bikini and puts a gray tanktop on with denim shorts
Taylor- changes into a black and white polka dot bikini with a sun dress over it
Perrie- changes into a pink and white stripped bikini with a black tanktop and denim shorts
Selena- grabs towels for everyone and some water bottles and more) ok let's go
They go outside the back and set foot on the beach
Selena- smiles) I love the sun (smiles and lays a blanket down and takes her tank top off and shorts and lays on the blanket) I am going to tan
Taylor- mmmk I am going to get a smoothie does anyone else want one
Selena- me
Perrie - I will go with you
Taylor- ok what kind len
Selena- surprise me
Taylor- ok
They leave
3 minutes later
Selena- sees a shadow come over her) that was fast (sits up and looks up) oh I thought you were Taylor and Petrie
Justin- no sorry
Selena- laughs and looks at him) so what's up
Justin- shrugs) nothin much just wanted to talk to you
Selena- nods) ok
Justin- ok I didn't know that you d...
Taylor- walks over) we got you strawberry pineapple
Selena- thank you (grabs it)
Justin- sighs) I don't think we will ever find a time or place to talk without getting interrupted
Selena- how about tomorrow
Justin- nods) ok promise they won't be there no offense girls
Perrie- it's whatever (drinking her smoothie)
Selena- I promise
Justin- thank you I will see you later then
Selena- nods) bye justin
Justin- leaves)
Taylor- what did he want (sits by Selena)
Selena- to talk (sighs) probably about us
Taylor- nods) oh scared, excited what
Selena- both I guess
Taylor- nods) it will be fine everything happens for a reason
Selena- and if he tells me something I don't want to hear them what
Perrie- you let it happen and move on with your life
Selena- thank you Perrie for those wise words
Perrie- any time any time
Selena- smiles at her)
Perrie- smiles) so should we hang out to tomorrow at your house sel
Selena- laughs) Perrie Justin is coming over
Perrie- that's why I asked do you want us to ruin
Selena- sighs) no I will be fine
Perrie- ok
Selena- thank you though (laughs)
Perrie- of course Len we can't have you do something you don't want to do (sits on her)
Selena- what are you doing
Perrie- dog pile (lays on her)
Taylor- jumps on Perrie)
Perrie and Selena- groan and laugh)
Taylor- I like being on top
Selena- well I do not like be on bottom I am dying
Taylor- gets off and laughs)
Perrie- gets off selena) lets go in the water
Selena- ok
They all run to the water
Perrie- smirks at them)
Selena- what
Perrie- shrugs)
Selena- jumps behind taylor)
Perrie- pulls out a water gun and starts spraying them
Selena- laughs) I knew it
Taylor- screaming) Perrie I hate you
Perrie- no you love me tay
Taylor- sometimes
Perrie- gasps) no you love me all the time (sprays her)
Selena- laughing)
Taylor- Selena (moves) you can't be behind me
Selena- but tay
Taylor- nope I get wet you get wet
Perrie- sprays Selena)
Selena- guys (laughing while trying to block the water with her hands)
Taylor- how's that working
Selena- not very well
Taylor- laughs)
Perrie- stops and laughs)
Selena- ok I think we have had enough water
Perrie- what we just got in
Selena- I know but I am so tired
Taylor- we slept for so long and Perrie is refreshed
Perrie- well not anymore
Selena- laughs) how about we go back to my house and get in the hot tub
Perrie- yes!!
Taylor- laughs) alright let's go

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