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My anxiety on a another level as I held both Jasper and Conan's hands.  Hoping and praying that they aren't abusive.

"There you are Mr and Mrs Dior your kids" she said with the world most fake smile. Wasn't she just rude?

The woman looked at me with teary eyes as she wiped her eyes. The boy had a big grin on his face. "Hi I'm Mailo the youngest brother" he said with a smile.

When I didn't answer that shapeshifting bitch did. "oh Cecilia is selectively mute so you can't expect this little brat to..." Before she could finish the old man cut her off.

"I'd advise you not to finish your sentence" he said with his voice cold. "Jasper I'm sleepy"I signed. "can we speed things up" he said.

"Of course come on let's go" the man said. We got in the private jet. They must be rich. I placed my face on Conan's chest. I was sitting with Conan on my side.

Jasper sitting next to a guy now known as Mailo. Soon I feel asleep.


"Hey sleeping beauty come on let's go we've landed. " Mailo. I nodded and followed them. We got in the car and drove to our destination

It was estate house. With several cars and bikes. We got out and went to the entrance.

There we were meet 7 other heads. Both girls had the biggest smiles I've ever seen. One of the boys had a death glare. Great I have a feeling that he doesn't like me.

"Bamboletta these are your siblings" the whose name and role I'm yet to know. "Hi I'm Levi the oldest I'm 20" he said. "Hi I'm Belinda the second oldest I'm 19" she said.

" Oh my turn I'm Roman I'm 18" he said with a smile. "I'm Archie and I'm 17" the guy with platinum blond hair with green eyes said. We all have blond hair like my mom.

"I'm Calliope and I'm 16" the other girl said. "Amais I'm 15" the guy said.

Next came a guy with blue eyes. " Anis 14 turning 15 and don't you dare try coming near me I don't want to see your face." He said. Everyone glares at him.

I find a perfect and interesting mark on Jasper's shoes to look at. "I'm Jasper and I'm 14" Jasper said his voice cold.

"I'm Conan and this is Cecilia and we are 14" Conan said. Anis looked at me with an emotion I couldn't quite figure out.

"Well let's get inside" the guy whose name I don't know. I think his my father. Do you think if I call him dad he'll get mad?

"Why is she skinny,is it to get attention from guys" Anis said. His tone cold and emotionless. "I'd advise you not to speak ill about her you won't like the consequences. And anyway who are you to judge her?" Jasper said.

"You know nothing about her or how she lived her so stay away from her if don't have a death wish" Conan finished. "Can't she defend herself why are you speaking on her behalf " he said while yelling.

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