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You walk onto set with Jenna. The staff gets you to take your seats in front of the camera. A makeup artist comes up to you for a touch-up.

You're here to promote a romance movie where you and Jenna play love interests.

The staff count you down before pressing the record. You smile as you say, "Hey guys, I'm Y/n L/n" "And I'm Jenna Ortega, and we're here to interview each other for our new movie" she finishes.

You nod, and staff members hand you whiteboards and pens. "We're going to be asked questions, and we'll write our answers on these whiteboards. Then we'll guess what the other person said. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins."

Jenna looks at you, amused. "Hey, no one said this was a competition."

You shrug, looking at the camera. "Ortega here just knows I'm gonna win, so she's trying to back out."

Jenna rolls her eyes, and you laugh. You turn towards each other and keep your whiteboards close, ready to write.

"When was your first acting role?" the staff member asks. You both write down your answers. "You wanna answer first?" you ask.

She thinks about it for a minute. "I'm pretty sure you were an extra in an action movie or something; you've told me about it before" You look at her, smiling. "Is that your final answer?"

She nods, and you chuckle, showing your board to the camera. She groans as she reads, "The main character in a horror short film! God, I literally knew that"

"I know your one was a commercial when you were really young. I wanna say it was for toothpaste?" she sighs, turning her board to the camera, and you grin as you read "toothpaste commercial."

You continue answering these questions, waiting for the last one.

"Who was your favourite costar to kiss" You don't have to think about it as you write down your answer, smiling to yourself.

Jenna smirks, looking at her own answer as she turns to you. "Yours is Jordan Fisher. I just know it. You literally talked about him being your biggest celeb crush."

"Ok, well, you're not exactly wrong, but he's a close second" You turn your board to the camera, and Jenna reads out her own name.

You blow her a kiss, and she grins. "I love you when you're actually nice to me" You shake your head, looking at her, shocked.

"I just picked you over Jordan Fisher, and you're calling me mean? Damn, hold on, let me change my answer" She punches your shoulder softly, smiling.

"Ok, well, I think yours is Maddie Ziegler. She's gorgeous. I'm actually so jealous of you for getting to do that."

"Well, Y/n, it looks like I just won the game", she smirks, turning the board towards the camera as you see "Y/n L/n" written on it.

"You picked me? Aw babe, I'm so touched" You stand up and hug her.

She pushes you away playfully, getting up from her seat. "Stop faking it for the camera. You're making it too believable."

You both laugh, and the staff end the video. You take a few selfies with Jenna and post them to your IG story, tagging her.

You both thank the staff as you head out. You get into your car, pull out your phone, and call someone.

She picks up, her words making you chuckle. "Babe, we just outed ourselves right now, didn't we?"

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