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The whole school had been on high alert since the mysterious figure attacked.

The young girl that was assaulted by the figure, Hannah, had been sent home after the black ink disappeared from her body.

Unfortunately, she had also lost her Azure.

And she wasn't the only one harmed. Yuki had sustained her shield for far too long and was physically drained. Ramona had suffered some heavy bruising. Cindra, ironically, was burned by a blast of the dark Azure. Lala wasn't hurt too badly, so she just rested.

Cypher and Solana, however, faced the worst of it. Each sported matching cuts, slashes, and bruises on both their bodies. Despite their matching wounds, they each went through their own transformations.

Cypher's hair has lightened and lengthened, now a frosty white, and his body was cool to the touch.

Solana's hair, on the other hand, darkened. Her eye had been damaged somehow, so she now wore an eyepatch.

After a few days, everything was basically back to normal.

Well, except for how Cypher found himself during lunch.

He was surrounded by Lala, Anastasia, Yuki, Cindra, and Solana at the table.

"... and then I jumped into Yuki's bubble shield along with the other girls. I knew it was going to be a tough fight, but luckily, our hero, the Alpha Male showed up to save us!"

Lala quickly started to tell her side of the story, which may or may not have been greatly exaggerated. Many gathered to hear the tale of bravery, and soon the small table was overrun by a sea a schoolgirl dying to hear Lala's fantastic tale of heroism.

Cypher was getting mobbed by a legion of adoring fans and he had to get away.

"Uh, ladies, sis, a little help would be nice!"


Anastasia stood on the table, clutching an Azure shotgun and pointing it in the air.

"Alright you insufferable cretins, back away from the male!"

Anastasia turned to Cypher, smiled snd winked.

Cypher nodded a thanks and turned to run, leaving Anastasia to fend off a horde of girls armed only with a shotgun.

The sound of shotgun blasts and the chorus of a horde of schoolgirls echoed down the halls of diamond academy. Cypher ran with Cindra and Solana in tow, but the mob was quickly gaining.

"Quick, this way!" Solana yelled, turning down a corridor. "Go up the stairs!"

Cypher bolted up, Cindra following close behind.

Solana stayed at the foot of the stairs and conjured up dozens of Azure practice swords, launching them into the mass of girls.

Cypher and Cindra ran up, nearing the roof of the school. Eventually, the few remnants of the mob caught up.

"This ones for you, pretty boy." Cindra said as she turned, and kept into the crowd, igniting herself. The explosion took out what remained of the ones chasing, but he could still hear more coming. If he was going to hide, this was his chance.

Cypher ran out onto the roof, shutting the door behind him. He walked over and collapsed near the handrail, panting.


Cypher, too tired to act surprised, looked over. About 5 feet away, Ramona was sitting on the rail, her feet dangling over the edge.

Her short blue hair was flowing in the breeze. She stared at him with her blue eyes, as she turned herself around on the rail.

"Haah... Haah... Hey." Cypher panted out.

"You okay man?"

"Just... haah... Chillin'."

Ramona gave him a moment to recover.

"You feeling better?"

"Yeah, thanks. It's just crazy right now." Cypher replied.

"I know what you mean. Up here it's a lot more peaceful. It's nice to relax."

"Yeah... It is actually."

Cypher sat there with Ramona for a while longer. They didn't speak, but they didn't have to. There was just something about the situation where they simply enjoyed sitting and relaxing together, watching the campus from the roof.

Eventually, the bell rung, and lunch was over. They both got up to go, but Ramona grabbed Cyphers arm.

"Hmm? What's wron-"

Cypher was interrupted by Ramona's kiss.

Despite the initial shock, there was something... right, about it.

And he kissed her back.

They stayed that way for a moment, and then Ramona broke off.

She slowly slide backwards on her Azure skates.

"See yah later, Cypher."

Once she reached the rail, she went over, and disappeared below.

Cypher rushed to see where she landed, but she was gone. He looked up at the horizon, and smiled.

Cypher Cif has fallen in-

He quickly noticed something.

Off in the distance.

A man.

Staring at him.

The man turned.

Cypher followed his gaze and saw dark clouds approaching.

Lightning struck off in the distance.

"She is coming."

Cypher heard the mans words as if he was behind him.

"And it is your fate to stop her."

Cypher opened his mouth to speak, but the woman's voice in his head replied instead.

"My fate? How is this my fate? This is your fault!"

"Hush Azura, I speak not to you. Now listen boy. Zira is coming. You possess the spirit of one of the three Magi within you. Azura is within you. You must defeat Zira."

"Wait, what? Who are you? Who are the three Magi? What's going on?"

"Poor boy. Did your family not tell you? Who your ancestor is? Hehehe... "

The man appeared before Cypher. His eyes shone silver.

"I am the first Magi. Calvus Ciferos. The first Cif."


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