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Cypher, Solana, and Lala were sitting up in the second floor of the cafeteria casually eating their lunch. Cypher glanced at his sister, more so the eyepatch that she had recently gotten. Even though they were twins, ever since the fight at the practice field were they fused for a second time, they had somehow become slightly different. At least, on the outside.

"So, remind me. Your eye still works right?" Cypher asked, taking another bite of his sandwich.

"Sorta. For some reason it hurts in the light, but if I take the patch off in the dark, I can actually see very well." Solana replied.

"Wait, so you can like, see in the dark?!" Lola stopped playing with her food, now utterly curious. "Like, night-vision?"

"Oh okay, that explains it. Kinda like a pirate then?" Cypher offered.

"Somewhat. The Nurse says it's some sort of sensitivity to light, so my eye actually absorbs more of it now. Too much though and it begins to just hurt."

"Wait, How is that like a pirate?" Lala asked, her head cocked to the side.

"Pirates have on eyepatches to see in the dark. They let one eye get used to the dark and then keep it covered during the day. That way, whenever they're below deck or out at night, they can see without having to wait for their eyes to adjust." Cypher explained as he finished his sandwich.

"Except in my case, my eye is permanently adjusted to the dark. Or at least it is for now. Hopefully at some point we'll be able to fix it." Sola says.

"But what about your, what's it called... depth preception?" Lala asked.

"Depth perception. And I'm fine. The eyepatch isn't actually covering my eye, it's a super dark lens that's filtering out most light. It's like super strong sunglasses for one eye. So I can actually see just fine." Sola smiled at Lala, who's mouth was wide open in disbelief.

"Are you kidding me?! That's so sweet!"

Whether Lala was talking about the eyepatch or the slice of ice cream cake she was eating was beyond Cypher, but he was glad to finally be eating lunch in peace for once. He glanced over at the stair case and saw Yuki blocking the way up with one of her force fields. Even now, there were still loads of students who wanted to meet him. Anastasia was roaming around, taking an azure shotgun to whoever tried to climb over the rails. He turned back to his plate, a demure smile on his face. He had to remember to thank the girls for helping him relax while he ate.

"Can I help you?" Solana asked.

A new person had joined them, standing next to their table. A girl with long dark purple hair, complemented by a white headband. Her skin was soft white, but her lips had a hint of pink. She was looking at Cypher, her blue eyes seemingly searching inside him. He had never met her before, and yet she seemed... familiar? And kind of sad, as if there was some sort of longing or loneliness in her eyes. Cypher couldn't look away, seemingly entranced by her. He was about to reach out when suddenly, a shotgun cocked.

"Excuse me, but are you allowed to be here?

The girl turned, greeted by an angry looking Anastasia and the barrel of her shotty. The girls eyelids came low, staring straight at Anastasia, her mouth curling into a grin. She turned her back on Anastasia, looking back at Cypher. It was then that Anastasia noticed the emblazoned "A" on her uniform, causing her to pull her gun up and her eyes to go wide, stuttering as she failed to hide her disbelief.

Cypher extended his hand to the girl. The girl he just couldn't seem to stop looking at. Their eyes met, and he never wanted to look away. "My name is Cypher. Cypher Cif."

She took his hand in her own, soft and pleasant, and ever so slightly warm. He watched her smile, a smile that he wanted to see again.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Cypher Cif. I've wanted to meet you for a long time. My name, is Zassa Vero."

The moment lingered. Their hands clasped together, both feeling a lost and oddly foreign feeling.

That feeling was cut short by the sudden interjection of a long red blade in between them. Both Cypher and Zassa recoiled, no one noticing the tear that had welled in her eye.

"Solana! What the heck?!" He said to his sister, but even he stopped when he saw the look in her eye.

"You. How dare you show up here." Solana threatened, her foot on the table, her body tense. Zassa casually looked up at her, her heavy lidded gaze settling on Solana. Lala piped up, "Wait a minute! You're the girl Sola was fighting! The fight where Cy and Sola first fused!"

Cypher suddenly stood, shocked, Anastasia taking a step back herself.

"Yeah, so what?" Zassa casually threw back.

Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, Solana was encased in a white bubble. Everyone turned to see Yuki, hand outstretched.

"Your level of aggression hinted at intent to harm. While we use our Azure on school grounds freely, there will be no serious threats of violence. Understood, Solana Cif?"

Solana held her stare at Zassa, before finally letting a breathe out, her blade disappearing. Yuki dropped her hand, the bubble going with it. Zassa simply ran her fingers through her hair, tossing it as she she turned.

"Whatever. I simply wanted to introduce myself and say hi. But I can see that you're all busy." She turned her head toward Cypher, making eye contact one last time. "I'll see you soon, Darling."
And she walked away.

Everyone watched her as she left, Anastasia and Solana with an Angry look, Lala seemingly somewhat intimidated, Yuki of course unfazed. But Cypher watched her, almost longingly. She had smiled for a brief moment, before things went sour, and he wanted to see her smile again.

"Oh. It looks like it is raining again." Yuki said, looking out the window.

Cypher watched as Zassa, far off at this point, brought a hand to her face, hesitating for a moment. And then she turned the corner and she was gone.


((Yup, I'm back. Kept you waiting, huh?-JAF))

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