Home Room

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He was never going to get used to this.
Cypher had finally made it to his first class and was already overwhelmed by his reception in the cafeteria.

Unfortunately, he had to stay in this room.

"Well class, this is Master Cypher Cif. Please be courteous. Well, why don't you introduce yourself to the class Master Cif?" Spoke Ms. Vana.

"Uhm... Right.... Uh... Hi." He squeaked out with a shy grin.

The thought suddenly came to him. He was probably the only guy here for miles...


"My name i-is Cypher C-Cif. I hope I can a g-good friend to all of you!" He scratched the back of his head, and bowed.

"Very good Master Cif. There is a seat for you in the back of the class next to the window."

Really? Wow, okay. What am I, the main character?

As he made his way past all the, who kept whispering and giving lovey-dovey looks, he spotted his sister toward the center, Anastasia sitting up front, and... Someone hiding behind a book.

He sat down and looked over at his neighbor, whose feet barely reached the floor.


He leaned back to get a closer look at his neighbor, and spotted pink hair.

Oh, it's just Lala. Geez, is sleeping all she does? He said, chuckling to himself.

Cypher looked out the window. He thought about his day, and how strange everything was. Being the only guy here, the entrance exam, a duel, and now class all in one day. Not to mention the response he's getting from the student body.

And let's not forget about the students bodies!

As if sensing his impure thoughts, Solana turned and gave her brother a scary look.


"Okay, Melee fighters to the left, ranged fighters with Ms. Vana, elemental fighters with Ms. Kinda, and X fighters with me." Announced Madame Eleckta.

The whole class had been taken to the coliseum for training.

Cypher began to walk to the left, with the Melee fighters, when Madame Eleckta stopped him.

"Master Cif, you are not solely a Melee fighter. Get over here with the X fighters."

Cypher spotted his sister in the group and walked up to her.

"X fighters?"

"Yeah," she said, "usually, holders have one power, weapon, or ability. Things like a hammer, a gun, fireballs, extra strength, water manipulation, yadda yadda yadda. But X fighters have multiple. For example, me! I have swords, so normally I would be a melee fighter, but now I can conjure and manipulate multiple bladed weapons at a time, making me both Melee and ranged. Anastasia over there can make anything that shoots, from snipers to shotguns, rockets to pistols, making her an all range fighter. Lala can move at superhuman speed and can manipulate electricity, making a shocking combo."

"Huh, wow. That's actually awesome."

Once all the girls (and guy) were organized into their groups, they moved into different sections of the coliseum.

"Okay X fighters," began the Madame. "let's see what you girls are made of, and exactly what our new student is made of."

Wait! Me?!

"Cindra, you will fight against Cypher."

"Sweet! Let's do this pretty boy!" He heard a girl say, as he felt a wave of heat and a flash of orange dash past him.

"Over here pretty boy! Behind you!"

He turned to face his new opponent, and gasped.

Before him stood a girl with dark bronze skin, short red hair, and green eyes. And she. Was. Hot.

No. Literally. She was literally hot. As in, she stood there, her body smoking, and fire trailing from her arms and legs.

Cypher also thought she was really hot.


Cypher snapped out of his daze and pulled out his Ice arm.

"Uhm... I gues-"


"Oh snap! Here we go!"

"Let's go, pretty boy!"

They both charged forward, ice rushing fire, fire rushing ice.

They both pulled back their fist, his cold and jagged, hers hot and smooth.

They reached each other at the same time, they both punched, and their fists collided causing a huge explosion of icy heat. Both of them blown back, leaving a small tornado where they stood, which quickly dissipated.

Madame Eleckta smirked. She continued watching the two spar, making notes of their styles, weaknesses, strengths. She found that they were almost identical. Almost.

Cypher had more power than he realized, and if her hypothesis was correct, then Cypher and his sister could hold the key to unlimited power. It was her duty to help them keep that kind of power under control.

Cypher was breaking a sweat, and so was Cindra. His ice was canceling her heat, and every time they collided fists, which was surprisingly often, mini-tornados were left.

He looked at her green eyes and smiled, surprised at how beautiful she looked, despite worn out she looked. As he looked at her, she made eye contact and blushed, her hair catching fire.

"Aww, come on pretty boy, your making me all flustered now." she said as she blocked his kick.

"Well then let's rap this up quickly so we can have some dinner later."

She smiled, her mouth open from surprise.

"And would that dinner be a date, pretty boy?"

"Of course!" he said, as he dodged a punch.

"Alright then, you want this over, then let me finish it!"

Cindra jumped back and pounded her fists together. The flames on her arms and legs began to grow. Soon the fire enveloped her whole body, making her completely covered in fire.

Huh... Can I do that? He thought.

Cypher focused his energy, and felt a cool rush over his chest and out into his other arm.

With both arms now turned into Ice claws, he readied himself for Cindra's attack.

As she charged forward at him with blinding speed, Cypher only had a second to react, pounding both fist into the ground. Before she could stop, Cindra smashed right into the Ice column that bolted out of the ground, causing steam to form.

When the steam finally cleared, Cindra was left in the floor, dazed.

Cypher ran over and knelt beside her.

"Are you okay?"

She focused her eyes and looked up at him, right into his glowing silver, which were now turning blue.

"Uh huh. I'm okay pretty boy." She smiled.

"Good! Now about that date." He chuckled.

Cindra reached up, grabbed the back of his head, pulled him down, and kissed him.

When she finally broke the kiss, Cypher had a bewildered look on his face. One of shock, and enjoyment. Mostly shock though.

"That date can wait, pretty boy."

Cindra has fallen in love.


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